Spring Bulbs

April 13, 2014

The crocuses were blooming a week ago and I am finally getting pictures posted to have a record of how late they were this year.  Spring is definitely here, though freezing weather and possibly some stray snow has been forecast for tomorrow, so it is a little early for planting.  The birds are building nests and things are greening up.

Garden 04 13 14 071

One of my favorite flowers in the garden is this white daffodil, which opened yesterday.  It is ready for the first bees.  Yesterday I was cutting back ornamental grasses and a big bee surprised me by flying out of the center of the grass stalks.  Did I wake it up…?

Garden 04 13 14 009

Another white flower is this white crocus.  This is one of the earlier snow crocuses, I think.

Garden 04 13 14 012

By the time I wandered back into the garden this spring these tiny snow crocuses were pretty much finished blooming.

Garden 04 13 14 061

This later purple crocus seems more substantial.  I love the design on the petals.

Garden 04 13 14 004

Yellow crocuses come up through dragon’s blood sedum.

Garden 04 13 14 067

From the kitchen I can see the mini daffodils that have opened this week, cheering up a drab landscape.  Soon the viburnum bushes will make that area very shady, but this time of year it gets full sun.

Garden 04 13 14 069

Here is a close up of these cute little daffodils.

Garden 04 13 14 066

The standard daffodils are opening up around the yard, too.

Garden 04 13 14 098

Anemone.  Yesterday as I was cleaning up I noticed some leaves that I did not recognize.  Later I saw this cute flower above some of the same leaves and remembered that I planted some mixed color anemones last fall.  So far only the blue ones have bloomed. They are very tiny but a welcome addition to the garden.


12 Responses to “Spring Bulbs”

  1. Nat Cowdell said

    Beautiful flowers! Spring must come as such a contrast to winter for you. Where I live in Australia, it’s a temperate climate (definitely no snow!) so we can easily plant in all seasons. Spring is still my favourite season though 🙂

    • I usually stay out of the garden in early spring. The ground is spongy from all the freezing and thawing and I don’t want to compact it. The ground seems to be firming up now and I am ready to get out and enjoy!

  2. pbmgarden said

    Nice photos of these pretty flowers. I’m going to try anemones again–mine didn’t do well last year but I think they’re so beautiful.

  3. lundygirl said

    I really like the white crocus – very pretty flower.

  4. bittster said

    The daffodils look like spring is here! It would help though if it wasn’t snowing outside as I write this…..
    I love the little anemone!

  5. I loved the pictures in this blog! So vibrant and beautiful!

  6. I’m loving that everything is finally greening up and the bulbs are blooming here in Northern Illinois! That last snow threw us all for a loop, I think, but I’m happy it didn’t last long. 🙂 Wonderful photos!

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