Moving Over to a New Blog

May 19, 2014

If you have been following this blog at, this is the last posting.  My storage reached its maximum and I have started a new blog.  Please feel free to check it out at

Garden 05 19 14 030

Male American Goldfinch makes a brief visit to the birdbath.

Thanks for visiting these past four and a half years.  I have learned a lot and enjoyed sharing!

Garden 05 19 14 021

Prairie verbena flowers with foliage from geranium ‘rozanne’ and alchemilla mollis lady’s mantle.


13 Responses to “Moving Over to a New Blog”

  1. Donna Hirsch said

    I’ve enjoyed your comments, too. See you on the next blog!

  2. Oh, you took a lovely photo. We have those beautiful goldfinches too! Lucky you to get such a good shot!

  3. sunsetdragon said

    beautiful goldfinch

  4. I love those little finches. Yours posed for you. Too bad you had to start a new blog because of storage. I purchased their added storage so as not to lose GWGT.

  5. Interestingly, both blogs are still going. I get a lot of visits to pardonmygarden when I post on littlebackyardworld. I just don’t post there any more. It will take a while for littlebackyardworld to catch on.

  6. Thanks for letting me discover your most lovely blog! I am truly enthralled to read through it, and am hooked! It’s great!

  7. Loved your blog! Following them both 😉 :p

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