Native plants are plants that have grown in my part of the world for thousands of years.  They are used to the environment, the type of soil, the amount of rain water and the winter temperatures.  The insects are also used to these plants and prefer them.  If the insects come to the plants, then the birds will have food to eat and they will be drawn to the plants.  Using native plants helps cut down on wasting water.  Plants need a little extra water their first year to get established when they have been transplanted, but after that they should be able to sink their roots down into the soil and drawn up the water they need.  In the prairie the native plants have very deep roots.  Even if there was a grass fire the plants would just spring up again because of the deep roots.


4 Responses to “Native Plants”

  1. slingandastone5 said

    I love your blog, you have the imagination of a great photographer. Thankyou for visiting my site 🙂

  2. lolarugula said

    Thanks for stopping by my blog – it’s always great to connect with a fellow Illinoisan! Looking forward to searching through your blog – I love native plants!

  3. fairchris said

    Thanks for stopping by and giving our blog a visit!

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