More Snow…

March 2, 2014

We had two or more inches of snow last night.  The next time the weather will be above freezing will be Friday, March 7th.  Then it will stay around freezing for a few days.

Garden 03 02 14 010

The snow pack is lower now, but still substantial.  Even though everyone has lost patience with the weather I heard birds chirping as we shoveled.

Garden 03 02 14 005

The hicksii yew shrubs have gotten some brown needles from wind burn, or whatever.  I wonder how much damage there will be from the cold weather.  Hopefully the snow cover will have protected the plants through the winter.

Garden 03 02 14 012

The Christmas poinsettia is still cheery in the house.

Garden 03 02 14 016

My house plants are generally pathetic this time of year, but this one put out some fresh green leaves.

Slow entertainment:  I am enjoying keeping my eye on the live stream of this bald eagle and the egg it laid.


10 Responses to “More Snow…”

  1. kiwiskan said

    and here we are, complaining about the heat…

  2. prb said

    at least it was a dry snow….hahaha, when people talk about “dry heat” i always think how much difference can it make when its 112 degres??!! but boy, a dry snow is sooooo nice compared to the heavy wet snow!! so shoveling wasnt so bad this morning.
    and about your evergreens having brown needles – i have been really worried because since the snow melted down some, i could see a lot of brown on the tips of mine in my front yard…i lost three of mine last summer within a week of each other – just went from green to brown and i am so sad about that and not sure why they all died so suddenly and together – they were healthy and I had them about 10 years – they were the structure in my back yard…i havent decided what to replace them with yet.

    • I am not that experienced with evergreens. I think my yews will be fine, though. I lost an evergreen by the front door two years ago and I have not replaced it yet. They have to handle a lot of heat and a lot of cold.

  3. Karen said

    You seem to have had snow forever!!

    • They say warm weather is on the way this weekend and things are looking up, but we have had a lot of snow in the last three months. Right now Chicago is at the 4th snowiest winter on record.

  4. My daffodils bloomed right before our ice storm. Winter, go away!

  5. The Editors of Garden Variety said

    Will it ever end?

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