Last Dusting Of Snow Before The Thaw

February 16, 2014

Looking back on my blogs it looks like there has been snow on the ground for the past two months.  We have heard that the high will be around 40 degrees a few days this week.  In the fall when the weather goes down to 40 degrees it seems so cold, but in the spring 40 degrees seems wonderful.

GArden 02 16 14 035

I walked around Lake Katherine for about 45 minutes this morning and did not meet a soul.  The sky caught my attention, with the sun trying to peek through the clouds.

GArden 02 16 14 010

I took a walk through the back woods to see if I could see any fresh animal tracks in the snow.  I was not the first one back there and did not see anything.  Also, after watching PBS shows about coyotes in the Chicago area I did not want to walk too far here by myself.  I have seen coyotes in these woods and I don’t think one would bother me, but I did not want to find out.

GArden 02 16 14 020

I only came across rabbit tracks.

GArden 02 16 14 030

Walking along the canal I saw this single swan swimming.  Eventually the swam came to ice blocking the way and could go no further, so it swam in circles for a while.

Garden 02 16 14 003

Here is the sun and shade a little after mid-day in the back yard.  I am hoping that by Friday the snow will be mostly melted.  Then I will have to take a look inside the hoop and see what happened to the vegetables.  Maybe the mud that is coming will be worse than this pretty snow.


8 Responses to “Last Dusting Of Snow Before The Thaw”

  1. bittster said

    I bet it was nice to get outside for a walk, wish there were some interesting spots around here to do the same!
    I watched that same coyote documentary the other day, and was thinking the same thing! Apparently they are a lot closer than I ever suspected and in a way that’s awfully balance of nature close to home which I like… but on the other hand I’d rather stay a little further out from the food chain!

    • We are having another 4 – 6 inches of snow today. I guess I would not worry about coyotes, but I would think they would be hungry with all this snowy weather. Though I imagine deer, dogs and cats would be better targets…. I have heard stories of packs of them in the creek bed that go after local dogs.

  2. laflor5233 said

    Hope your snow goes away soon.

    • I think we had 6 – 8 inches of snow and I shoveled twice today. 41 degrees predicted for tomorrow. The snow banks are so high it is hard to throw new snow on them without it falling back down again.

  3. Karen said

    Still so much snow. Bet it is lovely walking out there, everything still and peaceful. 🙂

    • Yes it is lovely. The white snow keeps covering the brown mud. Everyone is really anticipating the thaw though, and excited to have some of it melt. I am hoping to get my car washed today and get some of the salt off of it.

  4. prb said

    i am not looking forward to the mud. I’ve got two dogs and i know my yard is going to be trashed. sigh. I’m already plotting some sort of stepping stones for the side yard which is always the worst because the dogs run from the side door to the backyard. but can’t wait for the spring!!! again and as always, your pictures capture such loveliness! my pics of sky etc always seem to look flat.

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