Snow Quiets the World

February 2, 2014

We had another snow storm yesterday.  As everyone stays in for the super bowl it is quiet outside.  Of course, there were the snow blower noises and the sound of shovels.  January was the third snowiest month on record in the Chicago area, with 33.7 inches.  Then the first day of February we got another 6 – 8 inches.  Those in low-lying areas should prepare for flooding when this thaws, but since we live on high ground drought is usually more of an issue, so I am thankful for the snow to build up the ground water.

Garden 02 02 14 054

The little river at Lake Katherine was beautiful this morning.  The small waterfall at the top of the stream was full of icicles.

Garden 02 02 14 055

Facing the other way, the little stream flows into Lake Katherine and, along with a bubbling fountain, keeps some water open for the geese and ducks.

Garden 02 02 14 057

Ducks hang around at Lake Katherine, in the water and on the ice.

Garden 02 02 14 028

Neighborhood trees on a snowy day.  Our neighborhood used to be an oak forest.  Many large oak trees still stand tall in the area.

Garden 02 02 14 040

The oak tree across the street at sunrise today.

Garden 02 02 14 043

The evergreens down the street near the railroad at sunrise.  These trees that look somewhat shabby in the summer really look gorgeous covered with snow.


11 Responses to “Snow Quiets the World”

  1. Grower said

    Beautiful! We got more of the edge of that storm but still had a good amount of snow. Walking in the woods with the sun shining today was just wonderful. I love your picture of the river. I’m surprised it’s not frozen over!

  2. Karen said

    Beautiful photos as always, your snow so pretty we just have rain after rain after rain at the moment, hey ho. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Aaah, I used to live in a place with snowy winters (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan), and your pictures remind me of my garden covered with snow and the way it looks blue just at dusk. But getting back to reality, I’m happy to live in mostly snow-free Victoria, B.C.)

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