Ducks in a Row

March 9, 2014

I took an afternoon walk down by the Village of Worth canal area.  Here’s what I saw…

Garden 03 09 14 022

The ducks are in a row at the edge of the canal.  Or this could be called “duck dating.”  Once the water warms up there will be a little waterfall here.   In the foreground a swan is sleeping and in the left corner a gull is checking out the ducks.

Garden 03 09 14 026

The swans sipping some water.  Several swan pairs live in the area.

Garden 03 09 14 030

After sipping the water the swans settled down for another snooze.

Garden 03 09 14 012

The gulls were lined up, too, facing the wind.  I love seeing the gulls gliding through the blue sky on these cold winter days.  According to my bird book these seem to be ring-billed gulls.  My bird book also says they commute into the city of Chicago every day during early morning hours.  Is this true of these birds that already enjoy the canal waterfront here?

Garden 03 09 14 033

I was taking this walk by the water reclamation plant.  Once the weather warms up this will become a little lake.  Water from the water reclamation facility will pass through the lake on its way to the canal.  A lot of people come here to feed bread to the ducks, geese, and gulls.  There are no signs discouraging this, as there are at Lake Katherine.

Garden 03 09 14 056

I took a walk along the canal and was grateful that there was no ice on the sidewalk.  I was hoping to find birds here, but it was very quite in the middle of the afternoon.  Just tall bare trees and a big sky.

Garden 03 09 14 007

Back in our yard a female cardinal worked on a crabapple.

Garden 03 09 14 068

Tonight will be the first night in a long time that the temperatures will be above freezing.  I decided I finally had to dig in and try to lift the plastic on the low hoop.  The kale leaves inside all looked very yellow.  It look me about 10 minutes to loosen the ice enough to lift some of the plastic and open a crack for air.  Tomorrow the temperature is predicted to be 54 degrees Fahrenheit, so I would like to get a little more of the plastic rolled back if possible.


11 Responses to “Ducks in a Row”

  1. Crooked Tracks said

    Love your photos, yes it has been a long winter.

  2. bittster said

    I forgot how photogenic ducks and swans are! What a great was to make a water treatment pond into a great place to walk and enjoy the first couple warm days 🙂

  3. Lovely photographs, and thank you for visiting ‘Counterpoint in Weather’!

  4. Great pics. I love swans! Ducks are nice, too.

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