Many shrubs and perennials that were late in blooming this spring suddenly opened up this week when the weather warmed up.  Now we have a few cooler days, so hopefully the blossoms will stay a few days, unless they fall off with the rain.

Garden 05 09 13 009

Common lilac – They smell fantastic!

Garden 05 09 13 012

We added this little common lilac bush last year, so now we have three lilacs.  In the bottom left you can see that the strawberries are blooming.  There are a lot of flowers, so I am hoping they are getting pollinated and that we will have some delicious strawberries before too long.

Garden 05 09 13 002

Crabapple – Malus Profusion

Garden 05 09 13 033

Top Hat Blueberry blooms.  A few feet away I have a Duke Blueberry blooming, too, so I can’t wait to get some blueberries!!

Garden 05 09 13 035

As predicted, last year’s kale is now flowering.  I wondered what color the flowers would be and now I know.  We will have to cut this out soon…

Garden 05 09 13 039

At dusk a little mosquito-like insect rests on one of the last daffodils.  I have been bitten by some kind of insects recently and found myself scratching before I knew it….


All Nature Sings

March 25, 2012

This is my Father’s world, and to my listening ears

All nature sings, and round me rings the music of the spheres

This is my Father’s world: I rest me in the thought….

It is a beautful time of year and the birds are enjoying the garden with me.  Here is what is happening after our recent heat wave…

The fothergilla shrub starts to bloom.  The leaves should follow soon.  Below are spreading chrysanthemums.  They certaining supress the weeds, but are not my favorite color in the fall, so I might replace them.

Last Sunday these serviceberry flower buds started to form.

 Two days later I took this picture when the plant was in full bloom.  I chose this over the close up, since I wanted to include this busy squirrel.  We have had a lot of squirrels enjoying the yard, though none of them live on site.

The lilac leaves have filled out on both lilacs.  This one has flower buds, too.   On the right side, in the background, you can see two American plum shrubs we planted yesterday.

Here they are close up.  We went to Possibility Place in Monee yesterday to get an American plum tree and came home with two smaller plums.  They tend to form a bit of a thicket and will probably not bloom until next year.  They are a native shrub and are supposed to have plums with a sweet flesh and sour skin.  They will probably be 15 feet high eventually and provide a good screen as well as a welcome place for birds.  The white blossoms will be a nice contrast to the pink blossoms on the crab apple.  Thanks for your help Dan!

 Malus Profusion – crabapple.  The crabapple has leafed out about a month early this year.  You can see the pink buds getting ready to bloom.

There is work to do today once the ground dries a bit from the past days of rain.  Both the purple lysimachia and the goldenrod above are quite agressive and have gone under the railroad tie and are moving toward the neighbor’s yard.  I need to pull up unwanted plants, as well as other weeds around the yard.

I planted more daffodils last fall and now am enjoying all the different colors coming up at different times throughout spring.  This coral colored daffodil is something new, though my favorites are the bright yellow ones.

This week the temperature shot up from the 50s to the 80s in a short amount of time.  Everything is bursting….

Can you smell this common lilac if you breathe deeply?  The fragrance fills the yard in the evening.

This is a french lilac that I can’t quite remember the name for.  It is a little slower than the common lilac and lacks the fragrance.

I have been eating out of my container salad garden this week.

This lettuce reseeded itself in the garden where it grew last year.  I must have thrown in the onions last fall.  I have now added a few more lettuce seeds to keep me going on salad for a while.

Red switch grass – Panicum Rotstrahlbusch- in the front and in the back is Lysimachia Fireworks.

I brought this plant from Rick’s garden last year and planted it in a dry shady spot.  Last time Rick showed me around his garden he had these plants everywhere and he said once you get them in your garden they are impossible to eradicate.  Well, Rick, here it is…

May Flowers

May 8, 2011

I had a three day weekend and managed to get quite a few seedlings and seeds planted.  More pictures of those when they get bigger.  The show stoppers this week were the blooming crab apple and the fothergilla bush.

Crab Apple – Profusion – living up to its name.

How it looks when I am washing dishes every day.

The fothergilla bush is a slow grower.  In front are the coral chrysanthemums that bloomed beautifully last October.  To the right I planted some soon to be large zinnias to fill up the space.

Fothergilla close-up.

Strawberry blossoms from the five year old patch in the vegetable garden.  The strawberry blossoms in the new plants appear to be white.  Which one will have better strawberries?

Laundry on the line.  More about lilacs next week.

Just as a note – I saw a robin in the bird’s next door, so I don’t think it was a phoebe after all.

Leafing Out

April 10, 2011

Although the Chinquapin Oak won’t have any leaves for a while, the over 80 degree weather helped to open up other leaves around the garden.

Common Lilac – the intricate buds that made it through the winter are now unfolding.

Crab Apple – Profusion

It was also a good day to get out the yard furniture and enjoy sitting outside for breakfast and lunch.

The rhubarb is coming on strong.

I love the feathery yarrow leaves.

I moved several plants today.  This patch of dianthus (pinks) I just picked up from its old spot, roughed up the ground a bit, stamped it down in its new place and gave it lots of water.  We will see if it takes root and blooms this year.

When I woke up this morning I was surprised to see this Mallard in the yard.  Later I saw the female fly out of the neighbor’s yard.

It is really hard to capture the colors and beauty of the two lilac bushes.  In the back you can see the little Fothergilla with its white flowers, which I did not realize would bloom at the same time.  The lilacs are starting to smell nice, too.

Looking at it from the other side.

The Plum Pudding Heuchera looks pretty in the spring, but gets washed out in the hot weather.  Behind, you can see Lady’s Mantle, Nepeta, and Columbine.