Snow Angel

January 26, 2014

I know we have had some really challenging weather, but today I got up and bundled up in my warm jacket, long underwear, and boots, and took a wonderful walk around Lake Katherine.  It was a very peaceful walk, pretty much by myself the whole way.  There is something very thoughtful about the quietness and beauty of a snowy walk.  Then I wanted to make a snowman to put in the front yard, but the snow is too fluffy for that, so I settled for a snow angel!

Garden 01 26 14 055

I can’t remember making a snow angel before, though I must have….

Garden 01 26 14 045

I lay there for a while in my ski pants and super warm jacket and watched the clouds floating along.

Garden 01 26 14 043

Thumbs up for a fun time!  My husband is my snow angel who took the pictures and who does a lot of wonderful shoveling for me.

Garden 01 26 14 033

Another view of the birdbath.  This was before I made the snow angel next to it.  To the right you can see the sedum and hydrangea.  They have been snow-covered most of the winter, so that has made them more pleasant than when there is no snow and they look not so interesting.

Garden 01 26 14 015

Snow on sedum and hydrangea.  I like the light and shadows in the snow this time of year.

Garden 01 26 14 019

Here I was playing with my shadow.  The giant sacaton is the grass right behind the birdhouse.  It is kind of wispy and hard to see, but is at least 4 feet tall.

Garden 01 26 14 007

Light through the fence on a winter morning.

Garden 01 26 14 027

Red branches and buds of a duke blueberry bush.  The snow is so high that half of the bush is under the snow.  I think that is a good thing.

Garden 01 26 14 002

Still our minds wander to warmer climates.  I got some books from the library and we wonder if we have enough free miles to fly south for a quick trip…


5 Responses to “Snow Angel”

  1. pbmgarden said

    Great snow angel. Enjoyed your snowy pictures.

  2. The Editors of Garden Variety said

    I love the picture of the snow angel and the powdery snow!

  3. Karen said

    I love making snow angles but it doesn’t happen very often, more like mud angels lol. x

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