January Snapshots

January 18, 2014

When the weather is below 25 degrees F. it gets harder to exercise outside, so today I joined my husband at the fitness center and rode on the bike there.  It might be a good year to try snowshoes!

Garden 01 18 14 027

It is starting to snow again today and we expect a few inches.  ‘Morning Light’ miscanthus grass behind the birdhouse.

Garden 01 18 14 034

Zebra grass and crabapples in the snow.  This morning we saw a squirrel in the crabapple tree trying them out.

Garden 01 18 14 016

Last Sunday, after the bitterly cold temperature, I took a look inside the hoop.  Only the curly kale was still looking somewhat healthy.  We had had a warm day before I opened the hoop and the turnips and some of the other plants had started to sprout little green shoots even though the other leaves looked dead.

Garden 01 18 14 025

I harvested some kale and turnips.

Garden 01 05 14 015

I picked up a large oil panting of some flowers at the second-hand shore for $12.50 and that is cheering up our home.  I have enjoyed looking at garden catalogues this week and thinking about my spring projects.

Garden 01 18 14 004

Icicles outside our front door after the big snowfall.  This time of year it is always dark when I am home, except for on the weekend.


A sunset picture over cornfields just north of Bourbonnais, IL last weekend.  A good way to start the year!


2 Responses to “January Snapshots”

  1. pbmgarden said

    Love that sunset photo. We’re having a few nice sunsets lately too and they bring out the smiles.

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