Snow Had Fallen Snow On Snow

January 5, 2014

Happy New Year!

The title above is from the Christmas carol “In the Bleak Midwinter.”  This is the coldest, snowiest winter we have had for a while.  There seems to be nothing new to take pictures of and few birds and squirrels have been active in the weather, which has been snowing through the night and day, and will be below zero F tonight and through the next few days.  Still, here are a few pictures of how things look here.

Garden 01 05 14 083

The bird bath is a focal point and provides structure in the winter garden.  I am not sure how many inches of snow we have had by now.  It must be at least 6 – 8 inches and maybe more.

Garden 01 05 14 071

It is easier to take pictures from inside, though I did venture out this morning to try to get some shots.  We also had a quiet family walk around the block last night, with the streets empty and the snow peacefully falling.

Garden 01 05 14 065

Fothergilla bush in snow, showing the details of the delicate branches.  The snow highlights the architecture of woody plants and perennials of every kind.

Garden 01 05 14 063

Black-eyed susans in snow.

Garden 01 05 14 035

Snow art on gate.  I put in a picture of this last year, but it caught my attention again.

Activities:  Today’s activities will include shoveling.  Luckily we have two college kids home to help with this!

This past week I got out my vegetable garden plans for the past 6 years and laid out my plan for the 2014 vegetable garden on graph paper.  The main thing is to rotate the tomatoes, beans, cucumbers, zucchini, lettuce and kale to keep the soil healthy.  The rest of the vegetables I just throw in where there is room.  Do I need to expand the vegetable garden to fit in everything I want to grow?  I should probably do a soil test, since I have not done one in six years.  Over the next weeks I will consider what other changes I need to make to the garden in general and do some online ordering, as needed.

I also made a few changes to this blog to increase the size of the photos and list my recent posts at the bottom.  I reached 10,000 visits to this site around New Year’s Day, and about 75% of the visits were in 2013, so thanks to everyone who visited and commented!




25 Responses to “Snow Had Fallen Snow On Snow”

  1. Donna Hirsch said

    Always a delight to see what’s going on in your part of the neighborhood!

  2. Binki said

    Beautiful photography x

  3. Beautiful photos! And according to the weather report, you’re due to get even more snow. (So are we, and I’m down in Georgia.)

  4. bittster said

    The snow pictures look great but stay warm!
    I guess it is time to look into some seed ordering here too. I’m way to haphazard this year just leafing through them, I need to get serious 🙂
    Congrats on the views

    • I feel haphazard about seed ordering, too. Sometimes I just like to buy the plants, but I really love the variety in the seed catalogues. Still, what do I really need….?

  5. Annette said

    Monochrome art 🙂 – stay warm and have a happy new year!

  6. Love the snow, not like that in England yet but we have gales and flooding. Here is a short post from last year when we had a similar amount of snow.

  7. Karen said

    So much snow, we probably have that amount but in rain!! Lovely photos, and love the sound of a walk with nothing but the snow falling.

    • I’m glad we had snow before these sub-zero temperatures, to insulate the plants. I love walking in the snow, especially when it is not too cold and you are with people you love!

  8. All that snow when we have all this sun!

  9. I love the image from inside. Beautiful!

  10. prb said

    I’ve just come across your blog and wanted to say that your photography is absolutely stunning!!!! i thought the picture from the inside out was my favorite but boy do i adore the snow on the black eyed susans!!!
    I’m just over the line in indiana so i know what you are going through!!! i wouldn’t maybe mind all this snow but it is so frigid!!!!

  11. I love how serene it all looks!

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