Winter Wildlife

December 29, 2013

Days are short.  It is nice to stay indoors, with occasional walks in the snow.  After Christmas we drove to Minnesota for a few days to visit relatives…

Garden and Christmas 12 29 13 028

The squirrel near my in-laws’ bird feeders stayed still sensing my presence.

Garden and Christmas 12 29 13 029

Then s/he decided to go for it and dug through the snow for bird seed.

Garden and Christmas 12 29 13 033

On the other side of the house the nuthatch was busy at the bird feeder.

Garden and Christmas 12 29 13 037

Another shot of the nuthatch going head first down the tree.

Garden and Christmas 12 29 13 020

We took a walk through the woods there and saw all the dried flower/weed heads.  We don’t have any bird feeders in our yard so we try to leave a variety of seed heads, berries, etc. for the birds.

Garden and Christmas 12 29 13 060

Back at home, I did not get up quite early enough to get a sunrise shot, but I enjoy the bare branches against the sky.  Maybe tomorrow I will catch that sunrise!

Garden and Christmas 12 29 13 002

Indoor wildlife experiences this week included Stephanie and I practicing our photography skills on this box elder bug.  Eventually the bug escaped under the lamp until another day….  I got the idea to use box elder bugs for photography practice from another blog.

Cooking:  Cauliflower and chick pea soup today!

Low Hoop:  While we were gone the temperature apparently got up to 49 degrees.  The kale under the hoop is more yellow than green.  That is the hardest part of this experiment; being around to open the hoop when it gets too hot under the plastic.

Garden Planning time:  I am hoping to do some garden planning for next year this week when I have a few days off….


4 Responses to “Winter Wildlife”

  1. Love the photo of the Nuthatch feeding

  2. pbmgarden said

    Nice photos. I love watching the birds (squirrels not so much!).

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