December 22, 2013

The snow from the last weeks has mostly melted, but I have a few pictures from the past week for today.  Evergreens are the foundation of the garden in the winter.  I don’t have many, though I have added a few small ones in the past years.  My neighbors have large evergreens that I enjoy in the winter.

Garden 12 14 13 007

I am not exactly sure what these trees are, in the yard to the west of us, but they have grown very quickly.  I think they are just two years old.  He may have planted them a little too close to the garage.  I am still not very good at identifying evergreens.

Garden 12 14 13 090

In the two yards to the east of us the trees are even taller.  They provide dense shade in the summer and a home for a lot of small birds.  You can see my three yew trees in the bottom center.

Garden 12 14 13 089

Three hicksii yews, growing taller and closer together.

Garden 12 14 13 025

I read that female yews produce these red, fleshy fruits instead of cones.  The birds love the fruit and they are pretty much gone from these shrubs now.

Garden 12 22 12 006

On the right is one of four Arborvitae along our west fence.  I think this is called ’emerald green.”  The ‘ raspberry tart’ viburnum did not lose its leaves before the snow fell and I have enjoyed the fall colors mixed with the winter colors.

Garden 12 22 12 003

It is fun to watch the busy squirrels in the yard.

Garden 12 22 12 011

I also saw this print in the snow, which pretty much looks like a rabbit foot print, right?  So much for thinking our fence is rabbit proof!

Garden 12 07 13 012

I have managed to keep this poinsettia looking good for a few weeks. Since we don’t have a Christmas tree this helps cheer up the decorations.

Merry Christmas!!


10 Responses to “Evergreens”

  1. bittster said

    Glad to see you didn’t get the ice! The evergreens look great, I should add more to my own garden.

  2. They look like Green Giant Arborvitaes. They are fast growers and stay the tear dropped shape as they grow…. Great evergreens! The color on the Viburnum ‘Raspberry Tart’ look fantastic! I have not seen one before. How does it do for you?

    • Thanks for clarifying on the arborvitaes! The ‘raspberry tart’ was supposed to be a dwarf size, but it is getting taller now. I prefer something a little bigger on the fence. The fall color can very from year to year. It is really a very nice green in the summer, though. I think the neighbor cat likes to nap under this bush. Generally I am very pleased.

  3. pbmgarden said

    Nice of your neighbors to provide scenic views! Your yews are attractive–I really like the texture of their leaves and the fruit it a bonus.

  4. tosgarden said

    Thanks for sharing – loved the squirrel!
    Merry Christmas!

  5. Evergreens look fantastic covered in snow, we don’t have snow here in England yet. Merry christmas

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