Robin and Squirrel

December 7, 2013

I enjoy the crabapple tree in front of the kitchen window, as it attracts a variety of birds.  One day recently I saw a cedar waxwing, a robin, a cardinal, and a junco around the tree at the same time.  The robin was easier to capture than the other birds.
Garden 12 07 13 005

American robin testing the crabapples.  The crabapples are mostly not quite ready yet, I think.

Garden 12 07 13 006

The robin then flew to the ground and ate quite a few of the fallen crab apples, which must have been more ripe.

Family 11 30 13 003

I tried out my zoom lens on this squirrel that has a great fluffy tail for this cold weather.  The squirrels are always burying this and that in the yard.

Family 11 30 13 005

On a whim I bought some wheat grass and earlier I bought some basil for my kitchen window.  Dan and I sometimes cut off a small tuft of grass and chew on it for a while then spit the chewed fiber into our compost pail.  I know that is pretty weird, but I watched a YouTube video about it and thought I would give it a try.

Birds:  I went on my first bird walk with a group of people at work this week led by someone from the Audubon society.  It was a cold walk, but very fun.


2 Responses to “Robin and Squirrel”

  1. bittster said

    I need to find a spot for a crabapple, they’re so nice in bloom and useful for wildlife all year! Love the pictures, do you know what kind you have planted, and would you plant the same again? There are so many different ones out there and choosing just one that doesn’t get all diseased is a struggle.

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