The Frost Cometh

October 27, 2013

Monday, October 21st, the forecast said frost, so it was time to take out the plastic for my low hoop.  This is the first time I am trying this, so I was not sure how it would go.

Garden 102713 029

This was taken this morning, Sunday, after my vegetables survived for almost a week in the low hoop.

Garden 102713 007

This first evening I only had three bricks, so I scrounged around in the garage for heavy things, and in the garden for rocks.  The main issue was the next morning when I had to go out and lift the side flaps at 6:45 am while the temperatures were still freezing.  I did not know if my lettuce would survive, but it did, and I ate leaf lettuce from under the hoop in my salad all week.

Garden 102713 046

Inside the low hoop, which is about 35 inches off the ground.  The reason I lift the sides or take the plastic off during the day is to keep the plants from burning.  I worried during the day at work that the plants would dry out or burn up, and it may have gotten a bit warm in there, but so far so good.  Yesterday evening when we came to close the hoop there was a sparrow inside flapping around trying to find the way out.

Garden 102713 047

I also used milk cartons with the bottom cut out as cloches to cover my beets.  I am not sure how well they work, but I have been gradually eating my beets and they are still fine.  The idea is to take off the blue cap during the day to let the warm air out and put it back on at night.

Garden 102713 004

On Monday night I brought in all the green tomatoes and peppers, before the plants froze.  The large tomato in the middle is pretty red today and I am hoping the others will be red before long.

Garden 102713 001

Items harvested last Sunday.  I threw the turnip in my kale and potato soup.

Garden 102713 010

Burpee golden beet.  This beet was pretty small, but I threw it in the oven with the brussel sprouts I was roasting.

Garden 102713 016

These coral mums are on the north side of the house and get no sun, so they really stretch away from the base of the plant.

My reaction to my first week with the low hoop:  It’s like having a pet.  You have to really watch the weather and check on the hoop morning and evening.  It would be much easier if I worked from home or had a shorter work day.  It’s kind of fun and an adventure, too.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

To learn more about winter gardening see my reblog “Season Extensions” on 3/23/13.


6 Responses to “The Frost Cometh”

  1. pbmgarden said

    Glad your technique worked well for you to give you a chance to enjoy your produce a bit longer. We had our first frost last night and some of the susceptible plants turned brown. It will warm back up this week into the 70s though.

  2. I’m starting over with my garden and will be trying lots of new tricks too. Love to see others’ real world results!

  3. Great blog, I hope to pick up a few tips. M.

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