Fall Rainbow Colors

October 16, 2013

I just wanted to share some of the colors that are still blooming in the garden these days.

Garden 10 16 13 058

Pink chrysanthemums.  These flowers get no sun this time of year as they are on the north side of the house.  They are just starting to open up and should be in full bloom in a week or so.

Garden 10 16 13 074

Pineapple sage – a popular plant for hummingbirds.

Garden 10 16 13 018

Intricate nasturtium blossom.  The yellow and orange nasturtiums are multiplying with the recent rains.

Garden 10 16 13 001

Scabiosa – blue pincushion flower – and swiss chard.

Garden 10 16 13 039

The ‘hens and chicks’ outside the front door seems to be very healthy these days.  I have brought this indoors several winters.

Garden 10 16 13 068

Fall colors on lindera benzoin – spicebush.

Garden 10 16 13 053

The colors are more subtle in the shrubs and grasses.  Vernal witch hazel shrub and miscanthus ‘morning light’ grass.

Garden 10 16 13 034

Bumblebee rests on gaillardia ‘blanket flower’ in the evening.  The bees are still looking for nectar this time of year, but slow down in the cool mornings and evenings.

Bugs:  I have disturbed a few praying mantises, who are moving more slowly this time of year.  I have not seen my usual grasshoppers in the garden, but maybe they are just hiding well.  I saw a few beautiful earth worms when I was pulling up the alyssum plants…


8 Responses to “Fall Rainbow Colors”

  1. merindyandjason said

    Amazing that you still have so many colors and flowers this time of year in Illinois.

  2. pbmgarden said

    Enjoyed seeing your fall rainbow. Your scabiosa is very nice (always short-lived in my garden though).

  3. Victoria said

    Very nice photo of the nasturtium flower – mine always get over-exposed with the sunlight. Same with the Gaillardia. Our Gaillardia’s are more yellow, or crimson, here in Melbourne, Aust. (than the red/yellow of yours).

  4. Iamrcc said

    Very nice array, I like the gallardia flower. My did not come back this year for some reason, Thank you for the visit and the like of my Weekly Photo Challenge post “The Hue in You”.

    • I planted some gaillardia seeds four or five years ago and these are the offspring. They don’t always come back in exactly the same place, but in the general vicinity. They do seem to be a little less vigorous this year than in the past.

  5. Yes, I have the same miscanthus and it is looking lush and beautiful; I will post pictures shortly. Thank you for commenting on my quinces!

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