October Vegetables

October 8, 2013

The zucchini never really happened and the cucumbers are long gone.  The beans seem to have lost almost all their leaves, or maybe the grasshoppers have been chewing on these plants.  The tomatoes have struggled this year, but are still putting out a few ripe ones.  But some vegetable look great this time of year…

Garden 10 05 13 051

Territorial Seed Company – TR980 – Tokyo Cross Hybrid Turnip.  This is the first time I have grown turnips and they are really fun to see.  I am not really sure when to eat them.  They are in my winter garden, so no rush to pick them before the frost, since I have a plastic covering to put over this area.

Garden 10 05 13 052

Territorial Seed Company – Mustard -MU528 Tah Tsai.  Just another picture of my tatsoi in the winter garden.

Garden 10 06 13 001

I just picked this yellow pepper.  I hope some more peppers ripen soon.

Garden 10 05 13 053

Winterbor kale – This is a new plant I stared in August.  On the left is seed savers exchange ‘prize choi’ pak choi.  I also have quite a bit of leaf lettuce growing in this area.

Garden 10 05 13 081

Here is a forest of kale, collards and brussel sprouts that is about four feet tall.  Anyone need any greens?  We have enough to feed a lot of people…  I picked two little brussel sprouts off the plant and threw them in my kale soup and they tasted good, so I will start harvesting more soon.  We also have a few broccoli spears that are ready to be eaten.

Garden 10 05 13 060

Heirloom cherry tomatoes – ‘Mexican Midget.’  These are so sweet and steady all summer.  I eat a dozen or more every day.

Garden 10 05 13 071

‘Burpee’s Golden’ beets.  What do you think?  They have been looking pathetic and dried out all summer, but just started to turn a little pink after the rain.

Tonight I pick four large strawberries in the garden, which was a nice treat.  I also have strawberries growing in a container and I wonder if it is too late to put them in the ground somewhere, if I can find space for them….


6 Responses to “October Vegetables”

  1. djdfr said

    The turnips look good, ready to eat. I don’t know that variety, it’s possible they may stay good all winter. I usually plant yellow globe type.

  2. pbmgarden said

    Nice vegetables. I love turnips (greens and roots). Don’t know how frost affects turnips, but my Daddy used to say collards aren’t as tasty until frost has touched them. Susie

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