Acorns and Asters

September 29, 2013

Not everyone likes acorns.  They can be a hassle on the lawn.  When we picked out our chinquapin oak we heard that the squirrels really liked the acorns and we would not see many on the ground, and this appears to be the case, so far.

Garden 09 29 13 078

Acorn of chinquapin oak – quercus muehlenbergii.  This is the first year we have acorns.  I would guess that the tree is about six years old.

Garden 09 29 13 082

You can also see empty acorn shells throughout the tree.  It looks like the squirrel either ate it on the tree or it fell out and left the shell.  In any case there is not much on the ground yet.

Garden 09 29 13 020

Purple aster and goldenrod.  We have one purple aster hiding behind the viburnum bush.  I like the combination with the goldenrod.  Asters usually do not look good on the bottom half of the plant, so it is a good thing that this plant is hidden, but still provides something for the insects to pollinate now.

Garden 09 29 13 009

The little yellow cushion mum I bought in the spring survived and is blooming now.

Garden 09 29 13 048
Chrysanthemum ‘Overture’ after the rain.

Garden 09 29 13 034

After the rain and with warm weather coming up, I am hoping for more juicy heirloom tomatoes to ripen soon.


2 Responses to “Acorns and Asters”

  1. bittster said

    It always amazes me how a small sapling seems to all of a sudden become a tree. 6 years to first acorn does seem pretty fast though! Oaks are such nice trees, it’s a shame everyone plants the red maples. They’re nice enough, but just lack the majesty of a mature oak.

    • I think people think oaks are so slow growing, but when you plant them small in the right conditions they can grow quite quickly, this year especially! My husband just loves this tree, I think more than anything else in the garden.

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