September 22, 2013

I have three stands of goldenrod that are very golden these days.

Garden 09 22 13 048

Solidago Rugosa ‘Fireworks’ – Goldenrod.

Garden 09 22 13 038

Goldenrod close up

Garden 09 22 13 036

Goldenrod next to blue berries of viburnum dentatum arrowwood – ‘Chicago Lustre.’

Garden 09 22 13 089

Last year the boltonia was crowding out the growing serviceberry bush, so this year I just let one stalk grow.  On the right you can barely see the pink seed heads of calamagrostis brachytricha.  A lot of ornamental grasses have seed heads in the garden now, but I will save those for another post.

Garden 09 22 13 070

Another shrub with berries is the hicksii yew.  I don’t think these red berries will last long on the bushes.

Some of the mums are starting to bloom.  Stay tuned…


4 Responses to “Goldenrod”

  1. pbmgarden said

    Your Goldenrod is very nice. The roadsides have been glowing with it for several weeks, making me wonder about adding it to the garden, but I worry about whether it is easy to control?

    • The goldenrod that I am growing is a cultivar – ‘Fireworks.’ It grows in a clump which gradually increases in size each year. You can just pull out some of the outside plants in the spring if you want to decrease the clump. I have wondered about having native goldenrod, but have not tried that yet.

  2. Annette said

    Solidago hasn’t got a great reputation where I live so I wonder jst like Susie whether you find it easy to control? Nice plant

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