Sweet Autumn Clematis, Sedum, and More

September 15, 2013

It was  96 degrees on Tuesday and will only be 65 degrees today in the Chicago area.  It has been so dry, but today we have a light drizzle.  We could really use a soaking rain!

Garden 09 08 13 012

The sweet autumn clematis has been blooming on top of my laundry pole.  It is always difficult to get a good picture of these flowers, since they are up on a pole.  I had to climb on a wooden stool to get this picture.

Garden 09 15 13 006

I enjoy looking at the clematis from the kitchen window.  You can see how brown the lawn has become after so many dry, hot days.

Garden 09 15 13 013

I think this is an eastern carpenter bee on the sedum, which is getting very pink now.  There are so many different bees and flies visiting these flowers.  One day I saw a red admiral butterfly visiting, but did not get a picture.

Garden 09 15 13 038

This week I ate breakfast in the garden before work several days.  Then I would have to take a few pictures before brushing my teeth and getting in the car.

Garden 09 15 13 043

I enjoyed the sunrise while eating breakfast in the garden.

Garden 09 15 13 045

Rainbow Swiss Chard.  On the right the two little blue flowers are wonder of staffa asters.  Last year they were so prolific and this year they finally put out two tiny flowers.  As the days get shorter I have less time before and after work to take pictures in daylight.

Garden 09 15 13 054

Grasshopper on rhubarb leaves.  I love taking pictures of grasshoppers!

Garden 09 15 13 067

A few nasturtiums are stretching out around the garden.  The nasturtium seeds I planted two weeks ago sprouted some little leaves.  I wonder if they will grow enough to bloom before the frost.

Bird and moth story:  We went with some friends to the Morton Arboretum on Friday evening.  As sunset approached we were near the hedge garden where they had tall annuals between the trimmed hedges.  There were many clear-winged moths sipping nectar at the flowers as well as at least one hummingbird.  (No camera with me, though our friend took pictures.)  Our friends’ little girls were playing hide and seek in the hedges and it was a delightfully peaceful evening.


11 Responses to “Sweet Autumn Clematis, Sedum, and More”

  1. Iamrcc said

    Thank you for the visit and the like of my post “Turn Off the Light Please”.

  2. Sharon K. said

    Lovely pictures! I love the scent of autumn clematis. Your sedum shot is wonderful, too. Mine is also alive with bees and butterflies right now! Happy fall 🙂

  3. Annette said

    Beautiful your clematis…and I could send you some rain if you wanted…plenty here right now 😉

  4. bittster said

    I like your clematis on the post, good idea! Also the sedum is looking great.

    • I was trying to find a way to hide an ugly laundry pole… The sedum were just little stalks that a neighbor broke off and gave me. I put them in the ground and watered them, and they eventually took off.

  5. osolynden said

    Subscribed. A refugee from Illinois who now lives in the high desert close to Santa Fe NM. Our gardens are very different. 😉

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