Late August Images

August 25, 2013

Other than some rain on Thursday, it has been very dry here.  Some plants die or dry up, some push out a few flowers, and others thrive when summer is hot.

Garden 08 25 13 051

Some of the morning glories are purple and some are pink.  The vines are crossing the Virginia creeper vines, which have produced the blue berries.  Once we get cooler weather the Virginia creeper turns bright red on the fence.

Garden 08 25 13 037

Coreopsis Moonbeam

Garden 08 25 13 005

I just have a few turtlehead flowers.  I think they like more water than I give them.

Garden 08 25 13 055

The russian sage is attracting a lot of pollinators these days.  This small brown moth or butterfly spent hours at this plant today, just flying from one flower to the next.  Unfortunately I was not able to identify it.  It was hard to get close enough for a good picture, but fun trying.

Garden 08 25 13 050

Soldier beetles on parsley.  There are many soldier beetles around the garden.  Here and on the thyme they do not seem to be pollinating anything, but they also seem to everywhere that the bees go for nectar.  From the little I read they are in the same family as fireflies, but do not produce light.  They are a predator of aphids, which I have seen quite a few of in the vicinity.

Garden 08 25 13 016

Today I noticed a couple more spears of broccoli have grown.  It’s not a big harvest, but a healthy one!

Garden 08 25 13 029

The winter garden I planted at the beginning of August is coming along well.  The beets are the one thing that I have not been able to grow.  I might plant some more pak choi, tatsoi, or lettuce if the weather cools down again soon.

Garden 08 25 13 070

We have a so many crab apples this year.  The birds don’t really start eating them until February or March, so the tree should be pretty this winter.

Bird sighting:  Yesterday we saw a yellow parrot or parakeet in our yard.  Did it escape?  The sparrows were chasing it.


11 Responses to “Late August Images”

  1. pbmgarden said

    The crab apples are nice. Just saw one at a public garden today but your fruit looks much nicer.

  2. bittster said

    Great picture of the morning glory with the berries of the creeper… I just don’t like the way it hints of fall 😦

  3. Iamrcc said

    Thank you for stopping by and the like of my post “Long Petal Flower”.

  4. Annette said

    I like experiments and I think they widen our horizons big time. Look forward to more post 🙂

  5. I love morning glories. They are the most cheerful flower. I have never seen such brilliant pink ones as yours. Poor parakeet must be lost.

    • I bought one package of seeds about 5 or 6 years ago, so all my morning glories are volunteers now and I get both pink and blue flowers. They are beautiful, however I just pulled them all down today! If you get too many different vines growing on the fence there is too much competition. Right now I have clematis, tomatoes and Virginia creeper, and that seems like enough….

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