Bees and Beans

August 18, 2013

No relation between bees and beans.  They just describe the action in the garden this week.

There are bees everywhere in the garden.  I wish I could identify all the different varieties, but I have not studied up on that yet.  They are sure busy on the flowers.

Garden 08 18 13 073

Bee on caryopteris bluebeard.  I noticed today that the caryopteris had started blooming.  The bees will soon be moving over here from the agastache.

Garden 08 18 13 078

A different type of bee on caryopteris bluebeard.  This plant was a volunteer that I moved to this location and it has done well here.

Garden 08 18 13 014

Bee sleeps on Agastache flower.  One morning I noticed that a lot of bees were sleeping under the agastache flowers.  It made it easy to take a picture.  This bee looks different from the two bees above.  This might be a great yellow bumblebee.

Garden 08 18 13 034

Pink bean flower from a volunteer green bean plant.

Garden 08 18 13 001

While picking pole beans I noticed this green stink bug.  It is the only one I have seen this year.

Garden 08 18 13 038

A bucket of green beans I picked Saturday morning.  I have been trying to pick beans every day so that I can get them when they are thin and tender.  Thursday and Friday I did not get out to the garden so by Saturday some of the beans had gotten a little bigger that I prefer to eat them.  Oh well, I picked them anyway and then cleaned and froze five meal-size bags to pull out and cook later.

Garden 08 18 13 021

Morning Glory.  I finally let a few morning glory vines grow on the fence this year.  I can’t resist.

Garden 08 18 13 075

Phlox are another volunteer plant that are blooming all over the garden now.

Neighborly visit:  I was wonder if my neighbors would ever notice my garden.  It makes sense that an immigrant was the first.  Yesterday an Arab grandmother rang our doorbell.  She had noticed the collards in the backyard and since it did not look like they were being eaten she wondered if she could have some.  Her English was poor, but she said something about a  “sick daughter,” “hospital,” and “no car.”  I was happy to lead her back in the garden and she started pulling off collard leaves as fast as she could to put in her plastic bag.  After a while I slowed her down and suggested that she visit again.  I gave her a couple of very ripe tomatoes and we discussed the plants as she tried to identify them.  We chatted as best we could for a bit and she gave me a big hug.  It was fun to share the garden with her.  And she was so appreciative.  Later she came back and brought a big plate of chocolates!


11 Responses to “Bees and Beans”

  1. I love your garden.
    Mine is rather limited because the deer love to eat the things I plant. I suppose that is a compliment in a strange sort of way.

  2. Donna Hirsch said

    Chocolate for collards. Good trade!!!

  3. The beans look delicious (mine didn’t mail it this year) and the morning glory is stunning. I’ve had mine on a trellis leaning against the wood fence and the fence seems okay so far. It’s so worth it.

  4. GREAT POST! The flowers are beautiful. Your Morning Glory is such a bright blue! I have them coming up all over my garden and it has kept me jumping pulling them up. I have no idea where they came from. I don’t do weeds in the garden, but in the right place, even weeds are not weeds. It was so nice of you to share the Collards with your neighbor, and in turn, she gave you a treat!

    • I pull up morning glories all over the yard. Also, in the fall I have to cut down the vines with my clippers or they multiply and spread seed. The less vines I have to cut down the better. But I do like to see a few flowers to cheer me up.

  5. djdfr said

    You remind me I need to pick some green beans. 🙂

    I am glad you shared your collard greens. I would imagine they are hard to find in stores and one can’t get better than fresh picked.

  6. merindyandjason said

    Nice of you to share. 🙂

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