Joe Pye Weed and Black-Eyed Susan

July 30, 2013

I wonder how they ended up being named Joe and Susan.  Since my WordPress name is JoePyeWeed1 I thought I would show some pictures of Joe Pye Weed that is blooming now. I pinched it back a little oddly in the early summer, which affected the height of “Gateway.”
Garden 07 30 13 082

Joe Pye Weed – “Little Joe.”  In the background is echinacea, purple coneflowers.

Garden 07 30 13 063

“Gateway” Joe Pye Weed with pollinating bee.  The flower looks messy after the bees have worked over them.  The bees love it!  These days the bees are also visiting russian sage and agastache blue fortune.

Garden 07 30 13 059

Backing away you can see that “Little Joe” is behind the coneflowers and the “Gateway” is taller in the center.  Liatris spicata on the right. The ornamental grass is calamagrostis brachytricha, which does not have seed heads yet.

Garden 07 30 13 050

I bought three black-eyed susan plants from Donna about five years ago.  They have distributed themselves around the garden into three groupings.  They are very aggressive plants and I need to pull them out in the spring if I don’t want them to cover over smaller plants.  But they are so cheery this time of year.

Garden 07 30 13 009

Black-eyed susans with liatris spicata – blazing star.  I enjoyed looking at this color combination this week.  I have always kept yellow and purple in mind as I select plants for my garden and sometimes they actually end up together, though here the black-eyed susans planted themselves with no help from me.

Garden 07 30 13 052

Here are what the sunflowers look like now.  The goldfinches have pulled off many of the leaves, but new flowers keep emerging.  In front are russian sage and black-eyed susans.

Garden 07 30 13 031

Scabiosa pincushion blue.  Looking at this flower sideways you can see how it got the pincushion name.

Garden 07 30 13 086

I picked my first large tomato today.  I have been growing cherry tomatoes for the past four years or so, so this is a fun change.

Garden 07 30 13 033

The vegetable garden is getting crowded these days, and the zinnias give it color.  The cucumbers and zucchini are not doing so well, but the collards and kale are great.  The pole beans and tomatoes are huge!  The lettuce is pretty much finished, but I put a few lettuce seeds in the ground today, since there is rain in the forecast, though it might be too warm yet.


17 Responses to “Joe Pye Weed and Black-Eyed Susan”

  1. Sharon K. said

    Beautiful garden!

  2. Looking good! I have never been able to grow JoePye. Wish I could though. Isn’t the first tomato the best?

    • The Joe Pye weed is in full sun until around 3 pm each day. It is one of the last plants to emerge in the spring, so you have to be patient and not plant something over it. Yes! A tomato without bugs and for free!

  3. Mona said

    Lovely shots…….

  4. The Belmont Rooster said

    Great post and great photos. I will follow so I can come back and read more and so I can keep up with what you are doing next!

  5. Jenny said

    You have a beautiful garden!

  6. My JoePyeWeed grows in spite of me. I planted it at the back of the border close to the barn and bascially leave it alone. It blooms with amazing beauty and the elegance of a male ballet dancer. Love this plant. Your garden looks like a realaxing place to putter and congrats on your tomato growing prowess

  7. Lovely post.we love the vegetable we grow in our back yard garden .Thank you for the visit..jalal

  8. tosgarden said

    lovely mix of flowers – don’t know how much work it is to maintain but it is very peaceful looking — it looks like a happy place!

  9. susanpots said

    I think the black-eye susans look so good with sunflowers behind, in one of your photos. Keep up the beautiful work.

    • Thanks! I did not plan that combo. I planted a lot of sunflower seeds this year around the yard, but only one plant emerged and it looks like it will be a big one. I am waiting for it to bloom.

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