July Bees and Blooms

July 21, 2013

This is the point in the summer where a garden can go completely wild!  I went out to do a little deadheading this morning and ending up cleaning up for a few hours.  I actually enjoy cutting back messes when I have time and the weather is nice.  Most of the time I just ignore the messes and photograph the pretty stuff!

Garden 07 21 13 065

Bee on sunflower ‘kid stuff.’  It looks a little like a honey bee, but I have not studied up on bees.  These are shorter sunflowers, made for kids to plant, that I put in my prairie meadow.

Garden 07 21 13 008

My prairie meadow is a small oval area in my yard around the bird house that we don’t mow.  This year I added some coneflowers and ‘kid stuff’ sunflowers to give it a little diversity.  It is a good place for creatures that like grass, like grasshoppers and maybe snakes?

Garden 07 21 13 061

Bee on purple coneflower.  I have a lot of coneflowers in the yard this year and they are at their peak now. I have russian sage around these coneflowers and the bees love that, too, so they fly between the two flowers.

Garden 07 21 13 070

Common bluetail damselfly on blade of grass.  There are a lot of damselflies in all the tall grass now.  They are extremely hard to capture with my cheap camera.  The camera wants to focus on everything else in the picture.

Garden 07 21 13 036

Yellow zinnia at dawn.

Garden 07 21 13 012

Black-Eyed Susans with miscanthus ‘morning light’ in the background.

Garden 07 21 13 049

Orange lily with the first white phlox starting to open in the background.  These lilies are pretty but the foliage is not so pretty, so I will probably get rid of them, if I get around to it.

Garden 07 21 13 044

Heirloom cherry tomatoes – Mexican Midget.  It is the time all gardeners wait for – ripe tomatoes!  I don’t think these tomatoes will be as bountiful as the usual cherry tomatoes I plant.  However I have planted some other heirloom tomatoes this year that look like the biggest tomatoes ever grown!!  I hope they taste good…

Garden 07 21 13 077

Praying mantis on towel on clothes line.  I am always taking pictures of things that could potentially bite me.  Usually they are not too interested in me.  Praying mantises, however, are very aware of everything around them.  As I got closer and closer to take pictures of this guy he or she faced me and jumped toward the camera.  With a little yelp I jumped backwards and it landed on the cement patio, not me!

Cooking adventure:  Cook what you need to eat up!  Today I cooked a large pot of soup with potatoes, collards, and herbs from the yard.  I added some chicken and chick peas.  It should last for Phil and I for a few days.  When I was finished Dan started cooking his weekly stew of garden vegetables to take with him on his travels.  He layers the vegetables with brown rice or quinoa and beans.

Birds:  I had a great time watching the robins using the bird bath this morning.  There is some sort of seniority system that I don’t understand.  I can’t tell which birds are male or female, old or young.  Sometimes there are three birds waiting in line to get in the bird bath.  Sometimes three robins will get in and splash at the same time.


13 Responses to “July Bees and Blooms”

  1. pbmgarden said

    Lots of nice yellow blossoms in your garden now. We too are seeing lots of birds in the yard–great fun.

  2. I wanted you to know that I enjoy your blog and have nominated you for the Liebster Award which goes to bloggers with fewer than 200 followers. See my post at http://unexpectedincommonhours.wordpress.com/2013/07/21/two-awards-today/ for the particulars. Even if you choose not to participate in the process , please know that you can post the Liebster Award badge on your blog site. Cheers, Deb

  3. merindyandjason said

    I can just imagine you jumping back when that praying mantis jumped toward you. 🙂

  4. This is the story of my life these days; plan for an hour in the yard and it usually takes three!

  5. bittster said

    My garden could use a couple hours of clean up, but this time of year I tend to just wander around aimlessly and then find a shady spot. The flowers look great but I love your meadow most of all. The sunflowers and birdhouse really give it a nice focal point.

    • Thanks! I might add a couple more native flowers next year. One issue I have had is the aggressive creeping charlie in my lawn. I have to keep picking it out of the meadow or it would suppress all the grass growth.

  6. Love your blog!
    Cheers to gardening!

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