Zinnias, Agastache, and More

July 16, 2013

One of the goals of my garden is to keep the birds, bees, and insects happy.  You can see crowds of bees and other pollinators moving around the garden as different flowers start to bloom.  Hummingbirds and goldfinches are fun to watch as they visit various flowers.  One annual flower I seem to have every year are zinnias.  The colors are so bright that they cheer up the whole yard and attract butterflies to come and visit.
Garden 07 14 13 012

Pink zinnias.  I started a bunch of zinnias seeds indoors this spring and a few of them made it to the flower stage.  Now they will keep blooming into the fall.  I put them in the vegetable garden to add color and add to the mix of insects and birds.  This year I have pink, orange, and yellow zinnias.

Garden 07 14 13 004

Agastache golden jubilee.  Loved by the bees.

Garden 07 14 13 088

Agastache blue fortune – anise hyssop.  It is about 4 feet tall or more and so far is standing up on its own, though another year I had to stake it up.  The bumble bees visit all day.  In the back is heliopsis ‘summer sun’ and hicksii yew, all giving some privacy to my patio.

Garden 07 14 13 052

Inch worm on heliopsis ‘summer sun.’

Garden 07 14 13 063

This was as close as I could get to this black swallowtail butterfly on my parsley.  Parsley is a host food for the black swallowtail caterpillar, so it looked like this butterfly was laying eggs on the parsley, as it kept flying in and landing on the parsley.  I will have to keep my eyes open for caterpillars soon.  They are fun to watch and I have plenty of parsley to share.

Garden 07 14 13 080

The white hydrangeas and daisies show up well in the evening light.  Today the daisies wilted, though, with a very hot day.  This new format of WordPress has given me smaller pictures, so you may not be able to see the coneflowers and blazing stars in the background unless you expand the picture.  On the left and bottom you can see some oak leaves.  The oak tree seems to have had three growth spurts with all the rain we had this year.  The Chinquapin oak leaves are  orange-yellow color just because they are new leaves that just came out at the end of June.  Most of the trees and shrubs really grew a lot this year.

Garden 07 14 13 083

Liatris spicata- blazing star flowers.  In the background the Joe Pye Weed plants are getting ready to bloom soon.

Garden 07 16 13 015

When I left for work at 6:45 am there was a turtle in front of my neighbor’s house.  He must have wandered up from the lake at the end of the block.  He was stretching his neck up to the sun, but when I came closer to take this picture he drew his neck back into his shell.


3 Responses to “Zinnias, Agastache, and More”

  1. pbmgarden said

    Nice collection of plants. I never got around to planting zinnias this year but a few reseeded.

  2. Jeanne said

    First, I love your username 🙂 I had a chocolate Joe Pyeweed before I moved to an apartment and I loved it.
    Second – your garden looks diverse, healthy and so lovely!

    • Thank you! The Joe Pye Weed are blooming now, but I have had trouble getting a good picture. I pinched them back earlier in the year and maybe I shouldn’t have. I will keep trying to get a good shot!

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