First Sunflower

July 9, 2013

So much can change in five days.  When we came back from a trip away we looked out of the kitchen window and saw a big sunflower facing us.  The coneflowers also started to bloom as did the liatris blazing star plants.

Garden 07 09 13 014

More sunflowers of various types will be blooming soon, even on this plant, but I love this first, huge flower.

Garden 07 09 13 024

Purple coneflowers are starting to bloom.  The birds will love all these flowers with tasty centers.

Garden 07 09 13 020

The liatris blazing star plants bloom at the same time as the shasta daisies and go well together.

Garden 07 09 13 026

Bee on liatris spicata – blazing star.

Garden 07 09 13 016

Hydrangea – Incrediball.  I will cut some soon for dried flowers.  The ones I have in the house now I have had for two years and they are getting tired.

Garden 07 09 13 032

Geranium ‘rozanne.’  They are spreading wildly and competing with the prairie verbena and the creeping charlie!

Garden 07 09 13 035

The vegetable garden is getting wilder every day.  Watch out for mosquitoes after the nearly two inches of rain we had yesterday!  Recently we harvested collards, baby kale and Russian kale, wax beans, peas, lettuce, pak choy, a few cherry tomatoes, two small zucchini, four eggplants, a bowl full of raspberries, a good portion of blueberries and a few strawberries!  Of course there are always herbs when needed.  The tomatoes, pole beans and zucchini are getting ready to take over the garden!


8 Responses to “First Sunflower”

  1. bittster said

    The sunflower looks great, I always love the ones with the dark centers. My vegetable garden is also getting wilder each day. The heat really makes plants explode into growth!

  2. When I worked in preschool, we always planted sunflower seeds and watched them grow. The children were always amazed by the magic seeds that could grow into flowers so much taller than they were.

  3. pbmgarden said

    Everything looks terrific–nice to find the garden in such good shape after being away. Love that Hydrangea.

  4. The flowers are beautiful, and the vegetable garden looks to be growing very well!

    • Thank you! Actually, where you posted this comment is last year’s garden. This year you can see my garden at I am getting ready for my first sunflower this year, but it is huge and has not bloomed yet….

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