Beautiful Summer Day!

June 30, 2013

It was a gorgeous day today! About 75 degrees with a nice breeze. It was a great day to sit in the sun and enjoy the wonder of summer.

Garden 06 30 13 019

Red hot pokers in the center with orange butterfly weed in the background.  On the right is Russian sage and on the left is the ornamental grass, miscanthus morning light.

Garden 06 30 13 020

Just to the right of the picture above is a large patch of gaillardia.  Now the self-seeding alyssum are starting to fill in the open ground areas.

Garden 06 30 13 001

In my drought garden is white-blooming swamp milkweed.  I also have the pink-blooming swamp milkweed – asclepias.

Garden 06 30 13 012

Fly on heliopsis false sunflower summer sun.  Today as I sat on the patio a gold finch came and started tearing the leaves off this flower, trying to get at the seeds, I think.

Garden 06 30 13 021

I am also growing real sunflowers for the first time in this yard.  The leaves seem to bend toward the sunshine.  This is the biggest one and it is as tall as I am now.  It looks like it will have multiple blooms.

Garden 06 30 13 046

Shasta Daisy

Garden 06 30 13 036

Zucchini blossom and cucumber beetles.  Three cucumber beetles find a nice refuge in the zucchini blossom.  Or maybe they are mating….  I am glad there are a lot of birds around to reduce the population.

Garden 06 30 13 032


Cooking the good stuff:  I cooked another big pot of vegetable soup today.  Last week my soup lasted for four days for Phil and I, which really helped me with my busy schedule!


9 Responses to “Beautiful Summer Day!”

  1. toothius said

    Those red hot pokers are cool! They look man-made. I have to get me some.

  2. Yes. They are great, although I don’t have them staked, so they sometime fall down.

  3. I have grown sunflowers of various types for several years. They are wonderful plants and last forever. And many types have several blooms. Some bloomed again and again. Mine right now are not as big as yours – could be the type or could be the endless rain we’ve been having! Enjoyed seeing your garden.

    • Most of the sunflowers I am growing are a lot shorter right now. I bought one packet of mixed sizes and luckily the tallest one landed just where I wanted it to grow!

  4. Hope said

    How beautiful. I love looking at my Mother’s flowers, and enjoying seeing yours too!

  5. Iamrcc said

    Lovely flowers in your garden. Thanks for the visit and the like of my post “Different Stages”.

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