New Potatoes

June 23, 2013

We have two varieties of potatoes planted here and there around the garden.  I had some growing in a container on the patio.  The foliage had wilted and with the hot weather coming we decided to harvest them.

Garden 06 23 13 086

Red potatoes grown in a patio container.

Garden 06 23 13 089

I decided to cook some “kitchen sink” vegetable soup, so I would have less cooking to do during the week.  Besides store and farmer’s market food items, from the garden I added potatoes, green beans, peas, parsley, and basil.

Garden 06 23 13 014

I never seem to have that much success with peas, since it gets hot and dry here, but I picked 8-10 pea pods today.  Usually I just grow the snow peas and eat the whole pod, but I tried “green arrow” peas this year.

Garden 06 23 13 034

The green bush beans are starting to produce now, but the pole bean runners are climbing the poles and usually produce a large quantity of beans for me.

Garden 06 23 13 032

The leaf lettuce has been good this year.  I planted it here and there around the yard along with romaine lettuce and have been eating it almost every day. I just pick the outer leaves and it keeps coming.

Garden 06 23 13 078

The first cucumber blossom.

Garden 06 23 13 064

Ant swarm.  These ants were heading down the sidewalk and ended up in a bottleneck here.  I don’t mind insects when they are outside.  There are more mosquitoes now that summer is heating up though, so I have to remember the bug spray when I go out to harvest or weed.

Winter preparations:  I went online to the Territorial Seed Company and picked out some seeds to buy for my winter garden this week.  I am looking at two varieties of kale, tatsoi, turnips, and carrots as something I will buy from them.  I hope lettuce will work in the low hoop, too.


3 Responses to “New Potatoes”

  1. Donna Hirsch said

    We have a lot of ants on our patio this season. I think all of the rain is driving them out.

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