Foxgloves and Garden Gloves

June 2, 2013

The temperature was only in the fifties today and although a lot is blooming I have not seen many bees in this cool weather.  The mosquitoes have been not too bad, which I appreciate.  I have enjoyed watching hummingbirds zooming around the garden and I come across earthworms tunneling through the soil.

Garden  06 02 13 011

We planted one foxglove plant many years ago, but have always had babies to keep them coming back each year.  Foxgloves are biennials, so they flower on the second year and then die, but leave lots of seeds.

Garden  06 02 13 023

Cream colored foxgloves in bloom now.  They like partial shade.  Behind them the Joe Pye Weed is starting to stretch out.

Garden 05 26 13 062

The pinks have been in bloom for a few weeks.

Garden  06 02 13 028

I pick the strawberries every day to keep ahead of the birds and slugs.

Garden  06 02 13 038

The blueberries are coming along on the Duke blueberry bush.

Garden  06 02 13 035

The yarrow is turning yellow now.  From the kitchen I can see the salvia and catmint in three different shades of purple, but I can never capture it in a picture.

Garden  06 02 13 046

The lady’s mantle is blooming yellow with catmint behind.

Garden  06 02 13 050

I pulled up the dead caryopteris and planted a baby caryopteris seedling I found in the garden in its place.  I surrounded it with leaf lettuce, since Dan is always asking for more greens!  I also planted swiss chard and more green beans today.  More food! More food!!

Garden  06 02 13 020

Friday night when Dan and I were walking around the garden we spotted this baby robin camouflaged in the lilac tree.  When I checked on it the next morning it was still on the same branch.  Later in the day it was gone though.

Garden activities:  I put up tomato cages on my tomatoes, peppers, eggplants and cucumbers.  They are still small, but it is hard to get the cages on when they are big.


10 Responses to “Foxgloves and Garden Gloves”

  1. Marisa said

    Your garden is looking lovely!

  2. djdfr said

    Very pretty. Many of your plants are ahead of ours. My minks are just starting to end up their flower stems.

    I am thinking more greens also and plan to sow again.

  3. Love your foxgloves. I have not grown them myself. But, I often run along a converted rail line path in a park near my house, and the park rangers have put in a flower garden along the trail at the beginning, near their work sheds – and they have the most wonderful foxgloves. I love “visiting” them and the other flowers each time I go there.

  4. Oh blueberries. I want I want I want!!!

    • Yes. I can hardly believe I have these in the garden. I had to put some acidic soil in. We still have the taste test coming up at some point before I get too excited.

  5. What a lovely garden you have!
    Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog. Come again!

  6. Hi there – I love your garden & have the same cream-colored foxgloves as you do. They were growing wild in my yard so I am moving them into my flower beds. I am trying to figure out if they are indeed wild.

    • I am not an expert on the cream colored ones. They seem to act more like a perennial than the pink ones do. That is, they keep coming back and blooming in the same place instead of coming up from seedlings near the parent like the pink ones. I have heard foxgloves can be a bother in some gardens, but mine certainly are not.

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