Iris, Clematis, and Columbine

May 27, 2013

With the cooler weather the irises and clematis have bloomed later and the columbine have hung around longer.  It is another rainy day, but heat is coming starting tomorrow.

Garden 05 27 13 008

Blue iris on a rainy day.

Garden 05 27 13 003

Next to the blue irises are the red irises, which bloom about the same time as the new leaves on the Profusion Crabapple.

Garden 05 26 13 058

Close-up detail on red iris.

Garden 05 27 13 012

Jackmanii clematis and common sage.  The clematis are just starting to bloom now and the sage is winding down.

Garden 05 26 13 085

Clematis jackmanii finally opens up.  Earlier this week I spent a half hour detangling all the vines and getting them to grow up the fence instead of hang down on the garden.

Garden 05 26 13 043

Common sage.  The bees love it.

Garden 05 26 13 003

We had a lot of pink columbine this year.  Last year the flowers looked out, but this year they just hung down.  It may have been the weather.

Garden 05 27 13 009

Last year I pulled up sod and extended the drought garden to the east.  This year many of the plants came back, but especially the bachelor buttons – centaurea.  Earlier this spring I moved one of the three bachelor buttons to the far left middle of this picture and it is doing fine and under control.  However the big bachelor button plant in the middle is taking over the whole garden and blocking light from plants I like in the back.  I might let it bloom a little and then cut is down or replace it.  I like the look of the sedum mix on the left front.  There were originally 6 ground covers that came together, but just four are still alive.  The yellow one is a stonecrop, I think.

Garden 05 26 13 078

Sedum stonecrop close-up.

Cooking:  I just pulled a bucket of baby kale and young collards from the garden and Dan cooked them down with some onions and garlic and added a can of lentil soup.  Delicious!

Bird sighting:  I think I just saw a hummingbird in the yard…


4 Responses to “Iris, Clematis, and Columbine”

  1. Forest So Green said

    Your flowers are very beautiful and your blog is full of inspiration 🙂

  2. Marisa said

    Love the irises and clematis! Beautiful!

  3. I love Sedan Stonecrop! I have some planted, but it’s in the beginning stage.

  4. tosgarden said

    so lovely – thanks for sharing

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