Stumble Upon Beauty

May 19, 2013

When you wander around the garden, after the work is all done, you can see beautiful things that you miss when you are in a hurry.  The flowers are starting to bloom, one at a time, and each one is a little different.

Garden 05 19 13 110

Lily of the valley.  This aggressive ground cover made its way to our yard from the neighbors, but I love these dainty flowers and the delicate fragrance.

Garden 05 19 13 024

These little blue bulbs, scilla I think, are hard to see from the kitchen, but slowly open in May each year.

Garden 05 19 13 106

Baptisia Australis – Blue Wild Indigo just starting to open.

Garden 05 19 13 058

In this picture the indigo is on the right, before it began blooming.  On the left is the Fothergilla bush with its white blooms.  The purple lysimachia ‘firecracker’ make a great contrast to the panicum virgatum ‘rotstrahlbusch’ switch grass.  The tall bush in the middle is a spice bush and the viburnum on the right is ‘raspberry tart.’  I planted another Fothergilla bush this spring but it is not looking great.  I will need to prune off quite a few dead branches and then hope it recovers.

Garden 05 19 13 073

Prairie Verbena

Garden 05 19 13 085

Geranium sanguineum.  This geranium is near the prairie verbena.

Garden 05 19 13 094

Purple columbine.  I have a lot of pink columbine near the geranium and verbena, but only this purple one was open.  It looks blue due to the lighting or my camera…

Garden 05 19 13 108

The ajuga are a shade loving ground cover that are in bloom now.


4 Responses to “Stumble Upon Beauty”

  1. merindyandjason said

    You really do have a beautiful garden.

  2. I love the lilies of the valley. I have liked them since I was a child and the name is so charming. We have some that we brought from our other house – they were there when we moved there, we did not put them in. They are not truly white but have a little pink tinge to them, that I had not ever seen before.

    You are right, they are aggressive, but in my garden that is a good thing as there is a lot of ground to cover. And I always find a smile on my face when I look at them.

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