Spring Planting

May 12, 2013

I planted a lot of vegetables in the last two weeks.  They seem to be settling in and seeds are sprouting.  I also put in a few more perennials.

Garden 05 10 13 016

Dianthus – Fire Star Maiden Pink.  I planned to put this along the east fence, but when I got it home it looked like a nice combination with the crabapple blossoms, in case they bloom at the same time.

Garden 05 10 13 026

Here is the east fence where I was going to plant the dianthus.  I am trying to avoid having to put in annuals every year.  These golden jubilee agastache came back from last year.  I just added two salvia behind them.  I requested and thought I bought salvia caradonna, but when I got home the tags in the pots said marcus meadow sage – salvia.  No worries, I will enjoy what is planted.

Garden 05 10 13 001

I also planted some Rose Finn Apple seed potatoes.  A month ago I planted red potatoes and they are growing well.

Garden 05 10 13 017

The tatsoi I planted last week looks great.  It is an Asian green in the mustard family.

Garden 05 10 13 021

We put our kitchen scraps into our lasagna mulch and today I noticed these greens growing.  They look a little like beans, but we don’t usually put beans in our kitchen scraps.  I guess I will let it grow and see what it becomes….  Of course it could just be weeds.

Garden 05 10 13 023

Common Sage.  The leaves are so beautiful and useful and now the flowers buds are getting ready to open.

Activities this week:  I dug up some plants from my garden and brought them to Justin, who is getting going on his garden after completing construction on his house.  I must have brought him over 20 plants and it was fun to see part of the garden starting to take shape.  This was my first experience at garden consulting.


12 Responses to “Spring Planting”

  1. swk said

    a well loved garden. very nice

  2. gavmomof2 said

    I too love perennials! I’m excited to see what pops up in your garden next 🙂

  3. Jae Daniel said

    Melon or Cucumber seeds sprouting in the mulch? Maybe Squash? From the picture, the leaves have that look. Whatever it is, I bet it’s delicious.

  4. Nice, I need to clear my little garden patch – the mint has taken over!

  5. Donna Hirsch said

    Your seedlings might be from sunflower seeds the squirrels planted for you. I had a lot of clumps of that last year – even in houseplants that I brought outside.

    • Those squirrels! That is funny that you had them in your houseplants. They planted peanuts in my yard last year! I planted my own sunflower seeds this year, which are starting to sprout!

  6. Tatsoi is just plain fun to say in my best Japanese accent.

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