Lilacs, Crabapple, and Blueberries Bloom

May 9, 2013

Many shrubs and perennials that were late in blooming this spring suddenly opened up this week when the weather warmed up.  Now we have a few cooler days, so hopefully the blossoms will stay a few days, unless they fall off with the rain.

Garden 05 09 13 009

Common lilac – They smell fantastic!

Garden 05 09 13 012

We added this little common lilac bush last year, so now we have three lilacs.  In the bottom left you can see that the strawberries are blooming.  There are a lot of flowers, so I am hoping they are getting pollinated and that we will have some delicious strawberries before too long.

Garden 05 09 13 002

Crabapple – Malus Profusion

Garden 05 09 13 033

Top Hat Blueberry blooms.  A few feet away I have a Duke Blueberry blooming, too, so I can’t wait to get some blueberries!!

Garden 05 09 13 035

As predicted, last year’s kale is now flowering.  I wondered what color the flowers would be and now I know.  We will have to cut this out soon…

Garden 05 09 13 039

At dusk a little mosquito-like insect rests on one of the last daffodils.  I have been bitten by some kind of insects recently and found myself scratching before I knew it….


11 Responses to “Lilacs, Crabapple, and Blueberries Bloom”

  1. Mona said

    Beautiful shots………..

  2. I really enjoy looking at your garden. We have miniature lilacs and they are just starting to bloom (in PA). Azaleas and dogwoods galore, too. Thanks for the pictures.

  3. djdfr said

    You could leave one kale plant and harvest the seed, unless space is a premium.

  4. Love your lilacs! Mine are just start to open up and I am so excited!

  5. Jae Daniel said

    Those dark Lilacs are fantastic. I just saw a few today in my area and wish I had some. I have the lighter purple ones that are also great, but I really want some of those dark ones. Too bad they only last a week or so. Great blog, keep it up.

    • The lighter colored lilacs I have are the common lilacs and the darker ones are Charles Joly. It seems like most of the great fragrance is coming from the common lilacs, but I like the color combination of the two together. When I went out this evening the fragrance filled the air!

  6. Iamrcc said

    Lovely garden flowers. Thanks for the visit and the like of my post “It’s Apple Blossom Time”.

  7. KG Visions said

    Beautiful garden!

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