Red Light, Green Light in Garden

April 21, 2013

This morning I looked at the weather forecast and told myself to be patient.  The ground was still wet after 5 – 6 inches of rain earlier this week and the high temperature today was just forecast at 55.  I wanted to just enjoy the day and be thankful that we had not suffered from flooding.

However with the sun shining all day the ground started to dry out.  I went to our village’s first ever farmer’s market and bought a pack of 25 strawberry plants and 2 broccoli plants.  I realized it was finally time to get moving! The ground was too wet to plant a Fothergilla bush I bought earlier in the week, but it was definitely ready for cool weather seeds and seedlings.

Garden 04 21 13 026

I had to cover the romaine lettuce plants three times in the past weeks, but they all survived the frosts and are looking great.  I also have a few leaf lettuce seeds that have sprouted and I planted a few more lettuce seeds today.

Garden 04 21 13 053

I looked all over the garden for places for these strawberry plants.  I put fifteen in the ground and five in a planter and threw away a few weak plants.  Strawberries are pretty aggressive so I am looking forward to these plants thriving this year.

Garden 04 21 13 057

I grew broccoli once before, but not so successfully, so I am up for another try.  I also wanted to support the farmer’s market and buy some plants from them.

Garden 04 21 13 030

A few weeks ago I put some seed potatoes in a pot.  It was cold so I left the pot in the laundry room, which is cool and dark.  When I finally put the pot outside yesterday several of the potatoes had sent up shoots.  As they leaf out I will keep adding soil to the top of the pot.  The potatoes will then grow under the soil  Since they don’t grow that well in clay I am trying this pot method.

Garden 04 21 13 061

I couldn’t resist buying these beets at the farmer’s market.  I steamed them and then can eat them throughout the week.  I also planted beet seeds today, along with peas and prize choy.

Our goal is more food production this year.  We will see how it goes!


One Response to “Red Light, Green Light in Garden”

  1. What a beautiful set of photos . . . I love what you are doing. Enjoy! best wishes, rv

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