Kale Rebounds After Winter

April 14, 2013

Our kale never seemed to die last fall, so although it was ugly we just couldn’t get ourselves to cut it down.  It had grown so amazingly tall and given us so much food and seemed to have baby leaves coming out of the stubs where we had already picked leaves.  I think that the stems were so thick they were like tree trunks and protected the life through the winter.  Now leaves are coming back…

Garden 04 14 13 014

Below the dead kale leaves new leaves are sprouting.  We had freezing temperatures and snow yesterday morning, but they still keep growing.

Garden 04 14 13 027

Here is a closer look at a new bunch of kale leaves coming out of the old stalk.

Garden 04 14 13 026

Here you can see that some leaves have started growing out of the ground near the base of the stalk.  I am assuming that these will taste the same as they did last year, since they are coming from the same roots.  My experience is that annual plants that overwinter really want to flower, so I will plant new kale plants, but these might give us a few leaves before the others grow big enough to eat.

Today the weather is finally supposed to go up to 70 degrees for one day, but this morning it is still cool.  Everything seems to be just waiting for the sun.

Garden 04 14 13 016

Our spicebush has grown so big!  It has a lot of inconspicuous flower buds that are just waiting to open, like the daffodils, lilacs, and serviceberry bushes.  I am hoping to attract spicebush swallowtail butterflies to this bush.

Garden projects:  I picked up a Dwarf Fothergilla Beaver Creek that I plan to plant on the west side of the house, where we just have mostly rocks now.  The lawn could use attention, and Dan mentioned that he could rake out the thatch.  That would not be such a bad chore if the weather really warmed up!


One Response to “Kale Rebounds After Winter”

  1. Your gardening pictures are beautiful. Wish I had a garden so I could do the same! Thanks for checking out Life Is Like A Dumpling!

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