Plant Resurrections

April 7, 2013

Following last week’s Easter theme, it is fun to see green mounds and shoots pressing up out of the cold ground.  I have been planting more bulbs each year so that my garden is starting to look cheerier in the spring as I wait for the garden to green up.  If there is something blooming then I am not as impatient for the coming of the lush green of spring.

Gardern 04 07 13 030

I love these dwarf daffodils!  Other daffodils are coming up and will be blooming soon, but these early ones are the most welcome.

Gardern 04 07 13 027

I have two patches of these dwarf daffodils naturalizing by the back fence.  Later the goldenrod and viburnum will hide them as their leaves fade.

Gardern 04 07 13 041

All the way across the yard I see the bright yellow daffodil blooms from the kitchen window.  I put water in the bird bath and took this picture this morning as a cardinal came for a drink.  The robins and sparrows actually line up on the railroad tie and in the oak tree for their turn in the bath.

Gardern 04 07 13 036

With such a long winter the crocuses have been lasting a lot longer.  I love the detailed design in this purple crocus.

Gardern 04 07 13 020

Another group of cheery crocuses dressed in their choir robes and singing joyfully!

Gardern 04 07 13 044

Rhubarb shoots.  A very small start, but soon to come are the giant leaves and then maybe some strawberry rhubarb treats.

Gardern 04 07 13 049

While in Wal-Mart I noticed a nine-pack of romaine plants.  I know it is early, but I put three in a container that I can bring inside if it freezes and put six in the ground.  I can always cover them on cold nights.  I am planning to grow a lot more lettuce this year, so I need to get started!

Gardern 04 07 13 004

Back inside I grow a few house plants.  I almost killed this one, but then I must have done something right as it seems very happy now.  I love all the hair on the leaves and the pink stems and undersides of the leaves.

Cooking news:  Dan is back to cooking a lot of greens.  Some of the most nutrient dense greens are kale, collard greens, mustard greens, swiss chard, bok choy and watercress.  We bought a bunch of organic greens this week and Dan keeps trying new recipes to find out how to cook all of these in tasty ways.


10 Responses to “Plant Resurrections”

  1. Your crocuses are gorgeous! They’re so bright and happy-looking. 🙂

  2. Aren’t they beautiful! I have posted quite a few crocus pictures this year, but I could not resist including a few more.

  3. Great photos Kris. Good job!

  4. merindyandjason said

    I’m starting to plant bulbs and roots! Trying peonies, daylilies, gladiolas, and a few others this year. 🙂

  5. djdfr said

    So nice to see the life in the garden.

    Greens can be eaten in salad form also, don’t necessarily have to be cooked.

  6. Marisa said

    The crocuses and daphs are beautiful!

  7. Oh, I hope your lettuce survives. Nothing is as rewarding as picking a few leaves and throwing together your own salad. An early harvest makes a rewarding meal a double treat. Eat up!

  8. Iamrcc said

    Pretty daffodils and crocus. Thanks for visiting and the like of my post “Trio”.

  9. Lynda E said

    You have a super bright green thumb. I have a couple of bird baths but I have yet to witness any bathing going on. Any suggestions?

    • Thank you! I guess birds like water, food, and shelter, among other things. My large bird bath is near a big tree where the birds can wait in line for the bird bath. The smaller birds prefer the smaller bird bath out in the open in the vegetable garden. I guess they are more likely to visit the bird bath if there are nearby nesting sites or a good food source. You also need to keep changing the water this time of year. They might prefer a certain time of day or a little shade… I am not a bird expert!

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