Late Spring

March 31, 2013

Spring seems late this year.  Still, here it comes!  Happy Easter!

Garden 03 31 13 022

The yellow crocuses smile out of the brown earth.

Garden 03 31 13 003

Last week I planted this little “Duke” blueberry bush.  My hope is that this shrub and the little “Top Hat” blueberry in the pot in the ground will cross-pollinate to produce blueberries.

farm city

I enjoyed listening to the audiobook, Farm City, which I got from the library. I am not raising any animals in my yard for meat, but had a good time hearing her stories.

Bird houses:  In the last post I showed pictures of the two new bluebird houses we put up, which were supposed to be less attractive to sparrow.  Not so!  The sparrows have tried to move into both of these houses in the past two days.  I will keep clearing them out to see if we can get the attention of a bluebird, but I have not seen one for a while.


One Response to “Late Spring”

  1. Spring always seems to take forever, until one day, it suddenky arrives. I need to plant my peas tomorrow, and do some more cleaning up, but there is still snow in shaded spots.

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