First Robin

March 9, 2013

We spring forward into Day Light Savings Time tonight!  I have noticed how chirpy the birds are in the morning when I leave the house to go to work.  Yesterday I was excited to see my first robin in our yard this spring.  There are robins along the Worth canal walk all winter, but now that it is nesting time they seem to come back to our yard.  Or maybe these are not the same robins…  I am not a bird specialist!

Garden 03 09 13 020

It is hard to get a good picture with my little camera from inside the house, so there is some glare on the window.  First I saw the robin working on the little crabapples on the tree outside the kitchen.  While I was watching a beautiful cardinal came along for a nibble, but it soon flew away.

Garden 03 09 13 013

Then the robin was hopping along the snowy ground presumably listening for worm life.

Garden 03 09 13 011

Two years ago a robin built its nest in this crabapple tree and fledged several baby birds, which was a lot of fun to watch.  The snow is beginning to melt now.  The dark line is the row of lasagne mulch to expand the vegetable garden.  The kale stalks from last fall, in the back of the picture, never got cut down.  I am curious to see if they will sprout any kale leaves this spring before they get thrown in the compost.

Garden 03 09 13 022

The steady rapid-fire tapping noise is the neighbor’s rain spout, with water spraying out as the snow melts.

Garden 03 09 13 024

The ground cover by the back door is vigorous and pushes back the snow.

My goal this weekend was to cut back some of my ornamental grasses, but I may end up waiting a bit.  Once I throw the grass seed heads in the yard waste the straw makes good mulch and I love to watch the birds who are building nests swoop in to fly off with a little piece of it.


2 Responses to “First Robin”

  1. djdfr said

    Our kale has some nice small leaves, but they stayed all winter since it is milder here. It is starting to send up flower stalks. I am thinking about putting some leaves in the freezer.

  2. I also have a problem get good robin photos through the window.

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