Sun, Shadows, Snow

February 24, 2013

We had three or four inches of snow on Friday.  It is really the most snow we have had all winter, and is very welcome!  Today it is melting quickly.

Garden 02 24 13 018

These are the two american plum trees we planted last April.  I can’t wait to see them bloom, since we planted them after bloom last year.

Garden 02 24 13 029

Sun, shade, miscanthus grass.

The sun is getting a little higher every day and the shade is moving off the lawn.

Garden 02 24 13 031

Each spring I clean out this agave-like plant to get rid of dead or broken leaves and so that the new babies can grow up.  If the old plant survives it sends up a flower stalk, and the woodpeckers love the bugs they find in that stalk.

Garden 02 24 13 005

It is soon time to think of birds.  Unfortunately this birdhouse attracts sparrows, which can scare away the bluebirds.  I wanted to order a Gilbertson PVC house for bluebirds, but Mr. Gilbertson no longer manufactures them, so I wonder if I can get one from someone else.  I saw a purple finch this week.  It was trying to get a drink from the upside-down birdbath and was sampling the crabapples.

Garden 02 24 13 007

During most of the winter we have not had snow to look at, so I appreciated it this morning.  This is the lettuce I planted on January 27th.  The mesclun mix on the left should be edible pretty soon.  I will thin it out by eating some of it.  The seed savers leaf lettuce on the right did not do so well.  I guess I will try that variety outside and see if it does better.  Without a good lighting system I am somewhat limited.

Baking adventure:  We had some bananas to use up today so we made some vegan raw cocoa banana bites.  It was delicious!


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