Sun, Shadow, Snow II

February 24, 2013

It was a sunny, Sunday afternoon after the snow this past week, and I could not pass up a walk around Lake Katherine.  Plenty of people were out walking their dogs and I met another lady taking pictures.  Everyone was friendly.

Garden 02 24 13 032

Sun and shadows come through pine grove at Lake Katherine.  The bench by the lake is a wonderful place to sit and watch nature.

Garden 02 24 13 042

When I stood on the shore the swans and ducks slowly swam my way, wondering if I had food for them.  Since I didn’t, they continued feeding in the water.  I think someone had thrown some seeds or crumbs on the ice.  There are signs that say “DO NOT FEED THE WILDLIFE.” Further along my walk, a young couple were feeding geese and ducks, but they got a scolding from some of the regular walkers.

Garden 02 24 13 048

As I was getting ready to leave some walkers, who had just arrived, were surprised to have a flock of ducks following them and begging for food.

Garden 02 24 13 047

It looks like someone finally got to use their snowshoes, even though the show was not really deep.

I tried to get some shots of the swelling pear and maple blossoms, but those pictures did not turn out well.


5 Responses to “Sun, Shadow, Snow II”

  1. We are urban/suburban gardeners we have been organic gardening for years in a small space. Now we are in Austin a new location and we are learning all over again! Good luck with your garden I love the pictures!

  2. Thank you. And good luck as you get used to all the things that will grow well in Austin!

  3. Rene Yoshi said

    Beautiful photos. And what a blessing to take a walk when the weather is mild and see swans and ducks. Thank you for visiting and liking my blog. (^_^)

  4. Yes, bread just chokes ducks but still everyone likes to feed them especially small children.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog – our snow has now gone and today I was planting some clematis seeds. So I am really hoping that Spring is coming…

  5. Jules said

    Love the photos! I wish we had snow too!

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