Mild and Dry

January 19, 2013

It’s definitely winter.  By Monday night the temperature will be down to -4 degrees F.  Nevertheless, right now it is 41 degrees and going up to 45, which is pretty mild for mid-January.  There is no snow on the ground and we have not had measurable snow in Chicago since last March.

Garden 01 19 13 025

The crocuses have responded to the warm weather all over the yard, except on the north side of the house where there is no sun.  Dragon’s blood sedum in the background.

Garden 01 19 13 023

Another grouping of crocuses.  I might put some leaves around these to protect them from the coming sub-zero weather.

Garden 01 19 13 026

The rock moss does well in this weather.

Garden 01 19 13 029

I ordered tomato and pepper transplants from the seed savers exchange.  I have always just bought these seedlings locally, so we will see how this works.  I might have a little more variety, plus they are organic.

Garden 01 19 13 033

I ordered some seeds from the same catalog.  I might start growing lettuce inside soon in a sunny window.

Garden 01 19 13 001

Dots of light on a winter morning in the city.  The days are getting longer, though!

I have not written much recently, due to being under the weather with the flu, and there is not that much to write about.  We are drinking lots of warm fluids and soups and dreaming about sunny days.


4 Responses to “Mild and Dry”

  1. veggieauds said

    We’ve been 45 degrees too recently, but CELCIUS! Yes, it’s has been scorching in Sydney!

  2. djdfr said

    Lovely to see the crocuses coming up. Soon they will share their cheery colour, all too briefly for my taste.

  3. Get well soon – don’t forget the vitamin C!

  4. Thank you! I do feel better already. The sun is shining so I think I will go take a walk and get some exercise!

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