Winter Activities

December 29, 2012

I get a week off work at this time of year and it seems like a good time to make plans for next year’s vegetable garden.  This year I also typed up all the areas of the garden where I am active including vegetables, fruits, trees and shrubs, lawn, compost, native plants, feeding the birds, a place for my laundry…. etc.  I discovered I really have nine beds with flowers and shrubs.  No wonder I keep busy, but I also have a lot of biodiversity and plants and bugs to photograph.  I walked out today and noticed some places where I can remove plants that are no longer needed or divide grasses to fill an empty spot.

Garden 12 29 12 005

The 2013 vegetable garden plan.  The past few years I have added a few feet to the front of the garden.  I am not sure my measurements are accurate, but it is just a template that I can start with in the spring.  The main thing is to rotate the main vegetables around so they are only in the same place every fourth year.  I am sure there is a more organized way to rotate them, but this seems to work for me.

Garden 12 29 12 050

A thin layer of snow on the ground makes these stones stand out.  Welcome!

Garden 12 29 12 052

Rabbit tracks?  When I went for a walk I saw that people weren’t the only ones using the path.

Garden 12 29 12 014

Yesterday I enjoyed walking at Lake Katherine as fluffy snow was falling.

Garden 12 29 12 029

Swan family at Lake Katherine on a snowy day.

Garden 12 29 12 012

Succulent in teacup.  Back in our cozy house I watched from the kitchen window as the snow fell.  There was very little snow, but even a thin layer looks nice and does some good.


5 Responses to “Winter Activities”

  1. merindyandjason said

    I wish we were that organized. 🙂

  2. egg104 said

    love the photos on your blog!! : )

  3. Great photos, especially the one with the swans 🙂

  4. Great photos! Good luck with our plans 🙂 Thanks for visiting my blog and giving me a chance to see yours!

  5. tosgarden said

    lovely – I’ll enjoy following

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