Snow No-Show

December 26, 2012

It is a dark day and there have been blizzards in southern Illinois and in Indiana, but nothing but a few flakes here.  Last week there was much talk about the coming blizzard, but we got less than an inch in our yard.

Garden 12 26 12 021

When it snowed a little last week I took a quick picture before it melted.  This is the lasagna mulch of leaves that I laid down in the fall to expand the vegetable garden.  The south side of the pile melted first.

Garden 12 26 12 020

I think I took this picture on the winter solstice.  The sun is low and the shadows are long.

Garden 12 26 12 007

The patio north of the house sees little sun for months.  The thin ice captured the organic matter.

Garden 12 26 12 031

It is a good time to be inside.  We were either poor or overseas for so many years that I got in the habit of decorating a house plant instead of buying a tree.  The habit continues with very light-weight ornaments.

Garden 12 26 12 027

Yes we ate up almost all the kale, even after the weather froze, though there might still be a little left.  These days we have been indulging in sweets and treats before we get back to healthy eating in the new year!

I have some pumpkin bread in the oven now…

Anticipated vacation activity:  Planning the garden for next spring.


2 Responses to “Snow No-Show”

  1. beeseeker said

    Love the photos – giving that extra dimension – please keep blogging.

  2. I love the idea of decorating a houseplant!

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