For the Birds

December 2, 2012

At Lake Katherine there were plenty of birds today including geese, ducks, woodpeckers, cardinals, robins and of course swans.

Garden 12 02 12 054

Sleeping swan family at Lake Katherine.  It was a beautiful warm day.

Garden 12 02 12 056

I saw a number of cardinals today.  Can you see the two on this tree?  When I zoomed in with my little camera the birds were larger in other pictures I took, but they looked out of focus or fuzzy, so I chose this one without the zoom.

Garden 12 02 12 017

Back in our yard… Yesterday I was in the backyard with my camera when a hawk landed on this tall pole in our easement.  I think it’s a red-tailed hawk.  It flew away into a neighbor’s yard hunting for something tasty.

Garden 12 02 12 028

Foxglove is a biennial plant, so the larger plant on the left will die over the winter.  However they always drop a lot of seeds and you can see the babies on the right.  These will come back next year and bloom.  If I am organized maybe I can move a few of them in the spring. I just bought one plant many years ago, but I have had foxgloves in my garden each year.

Garden 12 02 12 036

I bought “sedum carpet” from Spring Hill in the mail.  It is six different ground covers that are supposed to mix together and be multicolored.  I planted them in my new bed and five survived, though the one on the left looks the strongest.  The dragon’s blood sedum, not on this picture, did fine as well.  To be fair, the three that don’t look so well on the right were under foliage of other plants much of the summer and did not get much sun.  I will see if they survive through the winter and come back next year.

Garden 12 02 12 015

I found this strawberry in my strawberry patch on December 1st and it was sweet and yummy, despite the frosts of the last weeks.  It was well hidden.

Garden 12 02 12 069

Old plow near Harvest Garden at Lake Katherine.  Behind is prairie that is being restored.

Activist Thought 1:  I have been watching “The Dust Bowl,” a documentary by Ken Burns that has been on PBS. It struck me that ordinary people caused this destruction of the environment, by the big plow up, just hoping to get ahead and make a prosperous home for their families.  In our generation, too, people don’t mean to hurt the environment, but especially in our consumer society in the west, which we have exported around the world, we are hurting the environment in ways that will come back to hurt us.

Activist Thought 2: I sometime send contributions to causes that plant trees or help poor communities improve their environment.  At the same time, through my IRA and 401K I am investing in companies that hurt the environment.  That doesn’t make sense.  Is it time to divest and find green mutual funds?


5 Responses to “For the Birds”

  1. Created ~ said

    I love the photos.

  2. djdfr said

    It is often difficult to foresee the consequences of our actions. For humanity to survive, we will have to evolve in a spiritual direction–the material one is exhausted.

  3. Red-tailed hawk. You can tell by the “belly band.”

  4. JoePyeWeed1 said

    Glad someone knows what kind of hawk that was!

  5. merindyandjason said

    Beautiful pictures!

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