November Garden

November 4, 2012

There is not much wildlife in the garden now.  We did have robins in the bird bath and tasting the crabapples, but I can’t see many bugs or pollinators.

Panicum Rotstahlbusch – switch grass – at sunset.  We rolled the clocks back last night and sunset comes quickly in the evening.

The dinosaur kale is the big guy in the garden this time of year.  On the left, the fennel is still growing and flowering.  In the back is the curly kale Dan has been eating in his blueberry, chocolate smoothies every day.

Close up of fennel leaves.  The Tunisians make a wonderful fennel leaf couscous.  They steam the young greens with the couscous until it is tender and delicious, and then add a spicy tomato sauce…

I put the artichoke at the back of the garden so that it could grow tall, but unfortunately it was shaded most of the summer by mint, kale and goldenrod.  Now that all that is cut back it has been growing better, but I am thinking that it will not make it through the winter.  We’ll see…


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