Fall Finale

October 28, 2012

Some people are getting their Halloween costumes ready.  Here is how the garden is dressing up.

A lot of the nasturtiums died earlier in the frost, but those that survived have come back beautifully.  The variety of Nasturtium flower colors always amazes me.

Chrysanthemum ‘fantasy.’  This plant only produced a few flowers this year.  I love the colors and detail, though.

A bee rests on an aster.  I don’t know if the bee was resting because night was coming or because winter is coming and it was cold.

Garden cleanup exposed this community of mushrooms.  I think that means that something is rotting underground.  Maybe it is the roots of the silver maple that used to be in this area.

Winter Rye.  Last week I mentioned that I planted winter rye as a cover crop.  We had perfect weather for germination and after eight days here is what the shoots looked like.  However, after reading some blogs on this I hope the rye won’t be a nuisance in the spring, since I tend to plant early.

I have been trying to get a picture of the newest visitor to the garden.  This cat seems to enjoy spending quite a bit of time sleeping behind some of the shrubs and I had trouble getting a good shot.  The wildlife in my garden will need to beware with this new predator stalking.  The fothergilla bush on the right always is beautiful in the fall, though was hard to capture well this year.

Other activities this weekend included planting a few daffodil bulbs and mulching up a lot of leaves for our compost pile!


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