Fall Foliage Close Ups

October 14, 2012

Here are a few of the colors in the garden now.

Virginia creeper turns red.  I just planted this plant this summer, but enjoy seeing the color across the yard.  I hope it will spread out more on the fence next year.

Here is the little American Hornbeam tree we planted in September.  In several years it will have a beautiful fall display.  In the background you can see the still green lilac and the yellow vernal witch hazel shrub.

Looking the other way is the vernal witch hazel with the red American Hornbeam in the background.  Farther back you can see the spice bush starting to turn yellow.

Another picture of ‘top hat’ blueberry and ‘wonder of staffa’ asters.

We have two burning bush shrubs in the yard that are turning red now.

Even the compost pile gets colorful – purple rhubarb leaf.

I planted a native grass, ‘little bluestem,’ last summer.  I did not think it had survived this year until I saw the red stalks that identified it in my little meadow this fall.

The ‘Chicago Lustre’ viburnum shrubs are still green and some of the last to change color.  I believe we planted these in the fall of 2007 and they were about three feet tall then.  Five years later they are between six and seven feet tall and could grow quite a bit more.


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