September Sedum

September 18, 2012

The sedum really attract the pollinators.  Bees, flies, butterflies and moths, and other assorted bugs and spiders camp out on the sedum.

Several Mourning Cloak butterflies spent many hours sipping nectar on the sedum on Sunday afternoon.  This is the first time I have identified them.

The skipper butterflies also love the sedum.

The goldenrod soldier beetles move from plant to plant and now mate on the sedum.  They are not so visible on the black-eyed susans, but stand out here, and there are so many of them.  I did see a large praying mantis on the fence on Sunday, so maybe they are mating now, too.

There were several grasshoppers on the curly kale.  They watched me while I took pictures.

The white boltonia is is full bloom.

Asters with german thyme and silver thyme.  This aster is “Wonder of Staffa.”

Red berries on hicksii yew.  If these stay on all winter they will be very pretty.


2 Responses to “September Sedum”

  1. Mike said

    I like the purple.

  2. Thanks for visiting my garden blog. Loved yours, too! You’re clearly a better photographer than I am but we share the same fascination with plants and the critters they attract. I, too, start out with great plans for manicured beds but get side-tracked by finding a plant I can’t pass by or something growing more exuberantly than expected. But the surprises and mistakes are half the fun.

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