Summer Surprises

August 29, 2012

If you want to find something interesting in the garden you can’t just spent two minutes outside.  You need to wander around and notice things, preferably with a while nibbling on a tasty treat.

The yellow moss roses morphed into white ones this year.  The leaves are dainty like a wedding dress.  Good analogy, since it is our anniversary this weekend.

I was surprised to see these yellow foxgloves blooming today.  I hope they come back next year. and many years to come.

Ants on corn tassels.  Also blooming are yellow tomato flowers and orange and pink zinnias.

A baby caryopteris started itself in the garden and I moved it to this location in the spring.  It looks like it settled in and is starting to flower.

My garden is a bit of a mess, but that is my theory of gardening.  All these plants mixed together keep the pests away.  In this picture are corn, red swiss chard leaves, peppers and kale.

Black beauty eggplants.  There are four eggplants hanging on this plant now.

Black swallowtail caterpillar.  I am hoping that a parasitic wasp did not get this caterpillar, as he was not moving much.

Something I am wondering about:  Can I do something with dried fennel seeds?  We have a lot in the garden.


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