Morning in the Garden

August 11, 2012

On Friday evening after work I like to clean up the garden and fill the bird baths.  I deadhead the flowers and harvest the vegetables.  Then when I get up on Saturday morning I am ready to take pictures.  It is best before full sun.

Phlox is blooming all over the garden.  It seeds itself more each year and last year the pink phlox appeared for the first time.  In the background you can see the Blue Hill Salvia.  I cut it back in June and now it is starting to bloom again.

Coreposis ‘Early Sunrise’

The purple veronica spike speedwell is also coming back after being cut back in June.  The white alyssum carpet of snow is an annual that seeds itself around the yard.  It fills in nicely when other flowers die down over the summer.

Next to the veronica is the Little Bunny Pennisetum, which is a dwarf fountain grass.  Generally it has not done well in the garden, but is looking cute this year.

Wonder of Staffa Aster

The asters squeeze in behind the gaillardia and in front of the big canna plant.  I am enjoying the two different thyme plants on the front of this garden.  Also, you can see the sweet potato vine coming on the ground behind the canna.  It was growing up the middle of one of the yew shrubs and I put it on the ground.  I am hoping for sweet potatotes eventually!

The butterfly weed seed pods have opened and the seeds fly away on these silky tufts of fluff.  Always box elder bugs on this plant.


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